posted on: Sunday, September 30, 2012

I have to say that today Ch has outdone himself!I loved that the suit was styled with an Acne tee and velvet scarf that was slightly contradictory tone to pinstripes. Qurky sunnies really give the casual tone to the whole 'suiting up' (I really am a big fan of round sunnies a guy- they always give that slightly nostalgic tone, almost reminiscent of 50's- journalist kind-a-look.)
Anyways, my love has accompanied me the whole PFW and patientely waiting for me during shooting and shows..and caring a bag with flats, compeeds, makeup and all the things we girls need.


Ch is wearing D&G suit, Acne tee and brogues, Penrose scarf and Illesteva sunnies


posted on: Saturday, September 29, 2012

At Isabel Marant yesterday in head- to- toe Isabel Marant (ok, the bag is by Malene Birger).Got-to-run!


posted on: Friday, September 28, 2012

A little peak in my hectic,hectic, hectic everyday! Two shows to go before I call it a day! 

PS. I' ll post my outfit from Isabel Marant later on!


Great news loves! While I am in Paris and running from show to show my wadrobe has a little treat for of all us in the form of 75$ off when purchasing for over 300$! Now,that is good news, isn't it??Simply enter STYLEUS in the promobox at the checkout, and whop, that's it!
I have picked my favs for the upcoming season in the form of this absoulutely-to-die for Derek Lam dress styled for the winter.



posted on: Thursday, September 27, 2012

OK, I have to say that Paris has been slightly chillier than I expected (or packed for..),so I have been improvizing my weadrobe- at least for now. Today, except for the heels- I am wearing all menswear; jeans ensamble is from ACNE, although menscollection I bought them for me as I loooved the fit (seriously many ppl have asked about my shirtcollection, but I swear they are all from menswear!).
 The leather trenchcoat is Burberry Prorsum that I borrowed from Ch (have to say that I love it's fit too...)
SO this is me outside Jardin des Tuilerie, hanging out before Nina Ricci as I missed Rick Owens show so we came early.
NAturaly I have been enjoying Paris, roasted chestnuts and crepes, and all the atmosphere this city has to offer.

Promise to get back soon!



I am wearing Acne jeans and shirt, Burberry Prorsum leather coat and Isabel Marant heels with my new by Malene Birger purse.


posted on: Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ok, here are some tropheys from Milan.
Most of my dear readers know how much I have been obsessing about a perfect leopard crossbody and this is the closest I have come to liking something.
My by Malene Birger cute found it's way in my wadrobe after Jorunn run into bMB store on the Copenhagen airport! (Damn you love!I am broke now...;))
I also picked up every issue of Vogue Hommes I could find and found some cashmere delightes for my brother at Marc by Marc Jacobs. 
And I got these Ray Bans for Ch....Wandering what will be next on my 'Stay away list' that I end up buying anyways...???


posted on: Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photo courtesy of The Sartorialist

Running slightly late with posting here, but here s the shot of me on The Sartorialist! Thank you Scott for snapping me outside the Dolce&Gabbana show last Sunday!
 I wore shirt by Celine, H&M pants, Marc by Marc Jacobs purse and Alexander Wang heels.The sunnies are Chanel.


1. Gret skirt!2. Jorunn and Ulrikke on the day three. Loved what Jorunn wore, and that Carven dress on Ulrikke has been on my minde since! 3.The art of choice-Petre Lindbergh in Corso Como 4.That jacket is just awsome! 5. What Milan is to me 6. Oh, yes I WOULD if I could!The Dolce&Gabbana cupcake heels,


posted on: Monday, September 24, 2012

NOW, I know that this is not something you think of when I say MFW, but  inbetween all the fun and work, Jorunn took me to Corso Como for shopping and dinner.And it was all about flats, I can tell you that! (borrowed from Jorunn, but still;))I ended up with this sweater from COS, which is my new love and gifts for Ch and my brother. And yes, every possible edition of  Vogue Hommes!
  MFW has really been a blast, thanks for all the attention and good work!
See you all in Paris!

PS.I promise, promise, promise more posts, in the meantime, you can find some of my outfits on: Italian VogueELLE UKHarpes Bazaar..Well, you get it.

I am wearing Cos sweater, Acne Starlet skirt and Asos Loafers.


posted on: Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Imagine my reaction when at 2 am, taking a break from packing to Milan, I opened and found THIS on the front page! Snapped by Phil Oh whilst talking to my darling about the schedules.
Thank you Vogue!

The outfit has also been snapped and instagarmed by Net-a-porter and Stockholm Streetstyle.
Thank you guys!!

I am wearing neon green ACNE sweater, Acne Starlet leather skirt, Christian Louboutin heels and Marc by Marc Jacobs purse which is complitely sold out.




posted on: Tuesday, September 18, 2012

After three days in London, FW is comming to an end. Here is what I wore yesterday- actually one of my favourite combos of altimes as it is kind of all I am about, rock, Mcqueen,Wang,a hint of fetishism, yes,yes, you get the picture.
So, yesterday was a seriousl blast! I was late to a she because of a sandwich, I found the car of my dreams - a little cabriolet with faded english flag (now, I did suggest to Elle photographer to help me snatch it) and well, I can't reveal all-at least not just yet!
Afterwards I spent the day with James and the amazing coffe from Monmouth-seriously I got latte by mistake but that was the best darn one I have ever had!(which makes my homemade coffe suck just a litlle bit more).
So now I am back in Bergen,resting my pour feet after mistreeting them and reading all the sept/oct issues of every single magazine I could grab.
Anyways, see you all in Milan on Thursday!

I am wearing vintage IRON MAIDEN tee, Alexander Mcqueen dress-worn as a skirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs purse, Alexander Wang heels and Chanel sunnies, also Bjørg ring.


posted on: Monday, September 17, 2012

After Michael van der Ham show, which I missed because of the sandwhich. Damn you, mozzarela and serrano combo for missing the show!
But away from the food, how cool isn't he?! Very, very refreshing!

Now I am back in Bergen and Milan is next in the line (on Thursady that is)!More photos comming, I pro-miss!In the meantime You see what's happening via Instagram on the sidebar!
PS.You can check out one of my LFW looks at Fabsugar!
(Didn't have time to snap that one)
PSPS. Have a great day!


posted on: Sunday, September 16, 2012

Exibit at Somerset House, the man who needs no introduction and Rosalind from Clothes,camera and coffee and Louis Vuitton store all dotty dot!


         Snaps of todays outfit. Before I changed ...Three times. XD


posted on: Saturday, September 15, 2012

My favourite snaps from today, or at leats until my phone died. But,but!
Oh yes, you can find more snaps on the sidebar or follow me as 'ila030' on Instagram.




Ok, ready, set , go London Fashion Week!
I came (really, really) early today and it was right away to Somerset House and the venues.
 I have decided to Instagram Fashion week, you can see the results on the sidebar (yupp, yupp Insta-addicted!). But, anyeways,from one show to another , back and forth I have met so many creative and cool ppl. And seen a lot of crazy stuff.
Btw this is what I wore, with all the ss13 inspo and summer temperatures (at least for me) I decided to clean a palett and go for (almost) all white look. witha  asplash of color here and there.

I am wearing Altewai.Saome top, H&M skirt (slightly altered), Louboutin heels, Chanel sunnies, Tosca Blu bag and Georg Jensen watch!

Have  a great day!


posted on: Thursday, September 13, 2012

Whoop, whoop Proenza scores yet again! I'll citate Iben when I say that next to the 'genious' in dictionary should be written -Proenza Schouler! I' ll be obseeing with the palette , the prints and all that beautiful perforated leather....Aaaaahhh, drooloning (that very gracefully!)


Photo courtsey of

I have the skirt, but I can't even start to explain how much I want the jacket!Oh,so, so, so much.
H seriously have to visit Acne Archives in Oslo....


posted on: Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weather here has been like a yo-yo, one day I am wearing sweaters and warm jackets. the other it's sunny and warm. I have really been taking advantage of the latter and wearing skirts and shorts while I still can... I borrowed this to-die-for suede Marc Jacobs from my darling whi is away - and I am really liking it!

Now, NYFW is almost over and I hae been looking through streetstyle like crazy. As always my favourites are Taylor Tomasi Hill, Hane Gaby and Hedvig. Although I am more and more into Candice Lake too.
I have to post a great picture of Hanne Gabby wearing Acne startlet jacket, that I am oh, so regreting for not buying.
Anyways, got-to-run!

I am wearing jacket by Marc Jacobs, denim shrt by PocoLoco, Thomas Burberry skirt and Isabel Marant heels.



posted on: Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When talking about men's essential me and Ch are agreening on two things (and that's pertty much it!):
1. That we have yet to see the man that doesn't look good in one- buttoned dinner jacket with slim oval colar, and
2. That men look best in double breasted peacoats.
Now I let me explain the latter:The man is on his most handsome when the waist apears slim /smaller and the shoulders are widened . That's exactly what doublebreasted coats do - opticly that is.
When it comes to girls and peacoats- they give us a touch of tomboy charm!

 So, as I am a sucker for the peacoats I naturally fell in love with the photo of great looking Mr. Redford, looking mighty awsome in it!
 You can shop the story or just drool over the photos at Mr.Porter.


Whopp,whopp my new cardholder has finnaly arrived! And it is even more beautifu than I imagined it to be!
And it is very simple yet cleaverly made.There is enough space(devided into two copartments) for both buisness cards and all the other cards you should need, all lined with the softest richnavy suede.
Available at My Wardrobe

Oh, yes and below you can see my new Isabel Marant Etoile sweater/dress.Now I just need a shirt dress and Phillip Lim sweater and I am officialy updated for fall!
Wandering what are your fall updates?!



posted on: Monday, September 10, 2012

I have been fan of Prabal Gurung since his first collection and I have to say that I love the way he has evolved. Fromc cool prints to a slightly darker feel for the summer.
So, now I am just sitting and paundering over what he is going to do next.

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