posted on: Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I do apologize for the slightly inconsistent posting, but now I promise I'll post regulary again.
Today Christian took me out for late lunch/dinner date to celebrate me comming back to Bergen. As you see I took my new Alice + Olivia dress out for a pn, but toned it down with a leather jacket and a supercute ponytail.
If there is one dress in my closet I simply adore for the time beein it's this one-I love droppwaist and a simple take on sequins. I pared it with my pink Jil Sandes sandals and pink lipstick just to give it a more day/summer feel. 
The dress is courtesy of my great parents!

I am wearing Alice + Ollivia dress, Jil Sander heels, Chanel sunnies, Manual Bag and Muuba jacket.

Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!


posted on: Sunday, July 29, 2012

Photocourtesy of

To my excitment leather is a serioulsly big trend this fall in every form or trend..
I fell in love with the perforated gloves and the clean cut slate leather jacket from the above, although I have to say that glossy cracked leather jacket makes my head spin too!

Have  a great Sunday, folks!


posted on: Friday, July 27, 2012

My new dress form Alice & Olivia.
I am a big fan of 20's flapper dress style so this is spot on with a modern twist.  l love the dropped waist and short sleeves.Can't wait for an oprtunity to wear it!
Here is a link to the dress!

Hope everyone has had a great day!


posted on: Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ok, after three day shopping spree with my Mom and photo maraton with my Dad I am complitely exausted!It was very fun though, enjoying sunshine, good weather and icecream. Only thing missing is my brother (and Christian).
So here is what I have been strollling in lately. Very clean and simple outfit contrasting all the flowers and colors of summer. And here are my new supercomfy sandals from Lauren by Ralph Lauren  which are a dream to walk in.
Oh, yeah you may wander why my hairs is sooo messed up - well, I can tell you this - there is no point bringing hairbrush in Kristiansand - the wind ruins it anyway.

I am wearing Fillipa K silver leather skirt and tshirt, Lauren by RLwedges, Armani sunnies and Georg Jensen watch. The bag and the belt are from Manual.

Have a great day everyone!



posted on: Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ok, I haven't had time to shoot lately as I have spent most of the time with my family, but I 'll post more photos of this outfit during the day tomorow. I am soooo excited to show you my new wedges from Ralh Lauren!!!

Hope everyone has had a great day!



posted on: Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer is here in Kristiansand, but with very strong wind, which makes it possible to wear an angora sweater and shorts.Now I have to say that this is on of my favoourite outfits as it is so super easy, but the baloony shorts and Acne heels makes it a litltle bit more edgy.
I was testing my new lens today and the funny thing is that both me and my Dad were fixated on getting a photo of a clown, so we basicly spent the day chasing after clown (which from time to time could have looked slightly creepy, but, but)
I am beening sooo lazy at the moment, which is great after monthes of hard work at universityl.
Vacation well deserved!

I am wearing Acne sweater and heels, Carven shorts, Tosca Blu purse, Georg Jensen watch and Chanel sunnies


posted on: Friday, July 20, 2012

Whoop,whoop sidesplitt is back- to my great excitment. Love, love,love this dress Hanneli is wearing as it involves minimalizm and colorblocking. 


Loving this photo of my mom I took while testshooting the new lens. There is something so graceful about her nonchalantely holding the cigarette, yet mysterious due to the sidefocus - this has to be on of my favourite family portraits that I have ever captured. 
P.S notice the cool flower print and cat eye sunnies on her. 


posted on: Thursday, July 19, 2012

Photo courtsey of

You know how I have been looking for a perfect crossbody leopard purse for sometime? Well, I saw this cute on Hedvig's blog and imediatly fell in love. It's /they are from Coach and will be hitting the stores in August.


If there is one prefall collection I thought to be worthy of youngstreet hero it has to be 3.1 Phillip Lim. The collection is cool, yet efortless and oh, so easy to wear. I am sooooo big fan of the superhero sweaters and the coolest shoes seen (and those see through bags that have become an obsession of mine...).
Really have to get holde of both of them!
Seroulsy love,love, love 3.1!


posted on: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

OK, I have finnaly arrived in Kristiansand and am speding sometime with my family.
Haven't been doing much since I came just kind of a hanging out and discussing politcis, becase that's kind of our thing... We have also done little shopping and I got some graduations presents - which is this to die for Georg Jensen wristwatch in leather and chromesteel and the new ultrra cool ring. As you can see I am wearing both and haven't been taking them off since!
Seriously, love them!
I have my eye set on a new lens which I am excited about as a little child.

I am wearing Rag and Bone top, Marc by Marc Jacobs purse, Georg Jensen watch, Balenciaga heels and Chanel sunnies.

Have  a great day!


posted on: Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Out of all campaignes I have seen for forthcomming season  have to say that it is Max Mara's that really cought my eye. Loving that pixie crop  and sportslux. 



posted on: Monday, July 16, 2012

OK, how cool isn't this sweater? In the most psychadelic green color possible and (offcourse) it's ACNE (ok, it could have been Kane, but...).IT's from autumn range and as it has really been glooomy and cold here in Bergen I had to have something to cheer up my mood.
I am leaving Bergen tomorow for sunny (and pleasently warm Kristiansand)so  am looking abit forward to continue summer (Although if I now my luck it will start to ran as soon as I land...).
Other new thing going on, is my cracking nailpolish from YSL that I bought on Sicily, kind of a works with the acid green....

I am wearing Acne skirt and sweater, Zara silver heels.


posted on: Sunday, July 15, 2012

You know how couple of day's ago I was at Lisas's at secondLove? I snapped these when I spotted those cool dungerees which are so perfect  for the summer.


posted on: Friday, July 13, 2012

OK, you know how I am fond of going around in PJ? I found my m ost perfect pair at H&M Trend, they have just got them in. They are supercomfy and spot on trendy for ths wideleggged wave that is comming (seen in Theyskens' Theory and Chanel). I have to say I really felt I was dressed for this gloomy-wish- I -hadn't-have to -stay up day.
We popped down  Lisa at secondLove for a quick trip, before we just went on strollling around.
oh, yes I bought a supercool silver leather skirt from Fillipa K , which I am duying to show you!
P.S Can you see how tanned I have become after only a week?!

I am weraing Celine shirt, H&M Trend pants, Zara silver heels and Tosca Blu purse.


posted on: Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My perfect 'transitional' outfit (transitional in the meaning that I still haven't adapted to the fact that I am in rainy Bergen).

Celine shirt, H&M Trend Palazzo pants, Chanel sunnies and YSL 'cracking' nailpolish.



posted on: Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ok, so what do you wear when it is 40 degrees outside? Anyway, this is what I chose for our trip back.
We are back in Bergen and are sitting and starring at all the things we have bought, both on taxfree and in Tormina. (I got some new shades nailpolish, makeup not to mention all the candy and wine...)
Now we are on our way to get some dinner.
Jetlaged as hell.


I am wearing Acne tshirt, Lindex skirt, Ash flats and Illesteva sunnies.


posted on: Monday, July 9, 2012

Yepp, yepp I am late on posting, but in my defence I was sooooo tired from Saturday that I had a couple of days to recover.
Now the biggest event here in Sicily is that Dolce & Gabbana are holding their first couture show, but no press is allowed. I am really looking forward to see whar kind of sexy extravagnca they are put on.
In a little tribute to them and their summer collection- my latest combo, which turned into obsession, is mix of flamboyant red and skyblue. I mean this colors really work togheter!
My hair has been braided up almost the whole time here (if you remember me talking about the heat wave) as it really is hot in here.
P.S notice that I have actually bought a fan...
Tomorow is ourlast day, but I don't think we'll be doing anything crazy, maybe some shopping etc...

I am wearing Isabel Marant red dress, Tosca Blu blue purse and Burberry heels.



posted on: Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ok, first things first - last night was supercrazy!If you are ever in Taormina you can not miss 'La Giarra' - both the food and the nightlife are amazing! I have to say that non of those two liters of coffe have helped me since I woke up., as I am droppdead tired from last night.
And here are the pics of my lovely new purse by Tosca Blu in this beautiful skyblue color, which I absolutely adore!
I'll spend the rest of my day by the pool, preferably sleeping.Hope everyone has had e great weekend!



posted on: Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sicily is as beautiful as it is described.So just strolling around and sitting at the cafe is kind of a thing to do here.And I am SOOOO hookes on their black coffee, which scent is very resemblant coco but it's stilll coffe. 
We have also been hit by a heat wave so not I had to keep shoots at the minimun as it is seriously hot here, but somehow it looks like e and Ch are the only one noticing that, I mean I really can't remember last time I drank so much water.

We are off to a party tonight, which I am very excited for. but we'll see what happens.

And ,oh yeah  have bought a cute blue bag by Tosca Blu today, I'll post more pictures of it later:)


I am wearing Samsøe&Samsøe shirt, H&M shorts and Illesteva sunnies


posted on: Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our first night in Sicily is just perfect (and that is coming from very critical person)! I mean that energy, the people, I have really been blown away. We have had a strol down Coso Umberto before we ended up dining at 'La Giara'.
I have to say that they were the most perfect hosts, finding a good balance between beeing pleasent, friendly and profesional.We have been invited to the party on Saturday with a suprsie guests comming, but I can't reveal who,yet.
Geeez, I am excited as a little child.
Oh, well...

I am wearing a dress by Isabel Marant and Burberry heels

SICILY - part1

Hi, loves!
Sorry for the irregular posting but to say that wi-fi is slooooow here is an understitment.
However, after waiting for hours this thing to upload photos I finnaly managed it!
I am having GREAT time here!
I mean, I have totaly fallen in love with the place, atmosphere and the food. It reminds me of growing up in Montenegro ages ago.
Got to run!
I'll post more tonight!


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