posted on: Tuesday, September 18, 2012

After three days in London, FW is comming to an end. Here is what I wore yesterday- actually one of my favourite combos of altimes as it is kind of all I am about, rock, Mcqueen,Wang,a hint of fetishism, yes,yes, you get the picture.
So, yesterday was a seriousl blast! I was late to a she because of a sandwich, I found the car of my dreams - a little cabriolet with faded english flag (now, I did suggest to Elle photographer to help me snatch it) and well, I can't reveal all-at least not just yet!
Afterwards I spent the day with James and the amazing coffe from Monmouth-seriously I got latte by mistake but that was the best darn one I have ever had!(which makes my homemade coffe suck just a litlle bit more).
So now I am back in Bergen,resting my pour feet after mistreeting them and reading all the sept/oct issues of every single magazine I could grab.
Anyways, see you all in Milan on Thursday!

I am wearing vintage IRON MAIDEN tee, Alexander Mcqueen dress-worn as a skirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs purse, Alexander Wang heels and Chanel sunnies, also Bjørg ring.


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