posted on: Saturday, March 30, 2013

I have heard these rumors about spring coming, yet although we are having great weather for the Holidays, the coats and knits are still a necessity. So what better way to snuggle inn during Easter than in the good thick knit and boyfriends oversized coat- that I am usually wearing on the shoulders as a cape? On the other hand we have been spending  some time in the mountains boarding and skiing, and I have to say that I am well bruised, as it has been couple of years since the last time.
But hey, it wouldn't be fun if everything went down smoothly...

I am wearing D&G coat- men's, Polo by Ralph Lauren knit, Acne knit and sunnies, Diesel jeans, Saint Laurent pumps and The Manual&Co bag.


posted on: Friday, March 29, 2013

I have just seen this on my Twitter, and I have to say thumbs up Hedi and Saint Laurent!It's so refreshing  seeing propper rock stars fronting brands, and I have to say that Manson for Saint Laurent seems like a more than proper choice.


posted on: Thursday, March 28, 2013

Next autumns (hopefully I'll get my hands on them slightly earlier!) mots covetable accessorize  comes from the spanish luxury brand LOEWE. I have visited their showroom during PFW and the collection dedicated to the spanish culture, interpreted almost entirely in leather and shearling  with some silk and wool inserts was breathtaking, but I couldn't take the shoes and the bags out of my head- thus their very own post. Now, how awesome isn't the heels with the pony hair, which btw you  can get in both short and long version. On the other hand those supercute shearling bags crafted with limited doses of leather made want to pull a grab-and-run at Loewe pressoffice.
Thank you letting me take  a peak of this amazing collection!


posted on: Wednesday, March 27, 2013

STELLA MAG made this wonderful feature about me and my 'can't survive this season without' pieces that will be coming out in the next couple of issues. We started with the absolute London FW hit and my favourite- the pastel leather jacket. Above you can see the article it self and some of my and their picks! Thank you for the feature!


Still winter, huh?While my Facebook is being bombarded by the post with snow and funny slogans about spring summer (you have all seen them by now, people in bikinis with snow around, or barbecuing), I have decided to do some layering and bright colors for a slightly more spring feel. This bright red coat has a tendency to do wanders with the mood.
So, now I am on my way to visit my parents, and from the forecast it's really icey there so I have decided to pack my snowboard gear and have my fingers crossed. In the meanwhile I hope my bright outfit will cheer you up as it did me!
Have  a great Holidays!

I am wearing H&M coat, vintage jacket, ACNE sweater, Diesel jeans, Stella Mccartney boots and Valentino bag


posted on: Tuesday, March 26, 2013

So, in my manically frenzy that has begun since my Sergio Rossi boots have been shipped from Italy, I have decided to avert my thoughts and look for the good investment pieces for spring.
Which proved kind of a counter productive.
Productive as I have obviously found something that fell into liking, however counterproductive as I really can't invest in that many pieces right away.
But, on the brighter side you know how I have been looking for the perfect leather jacket, well, my Perfecto comes from Blk Dnm. It's not too long or cropped, and it's not just a pretty leather jacket. It's rather  a real leather jacket with a pretty jacket cut. While I was at it I also stumbled over this skirt which is highly coveted from my part.I love the fold over and the simple belt.

 You can find both Here!


posted on: Monday, March 25, 2013

Photo courtesy of FashionEditorial and Vogue Italia

MOD is having a little fashion comeback, however what better way to infuse it with this seasons clean edges than pairing a Celine top with the cat eye eyliner and big, bold hair?Espeially if you are like me and want only to flirt with trend raher than to take it all the way?
60's never looked so charming as on Moa Ã…berg for the Beauty Vogue Italia! 


posted on: Sunday, March 24, 2013

SO, how do feel about tracks and heels? I for my part am still keen on the trend out of that simple reason: it's comfortable. I guess that is the same reason Birckenstocks are in and out of fashion all the time as people want to be comfortable.And what better day to sport the trend than the Sunday??
Usually I would wear  sneaks instead , but I have spending much post- FW in them that I mentally need rest from flatness.I have spent the day geting up early and shooting, enjoying fine weather with my darling and well, that's it. Now it's lazytime!
 Anyways,where are you on the trend? 

Have a great Sunday!

I  am wearing vintage leather jacket. Hope sweater, Isabel Marant Etoile tracks, Saint Laurent heels, Manual bag and a pair of good old RayBan's


posted on: Saturday, March 23, 2013

Last years micro trend, but one of my favorite accessories  is my ladies and gentleman the wide belt. For some reason I have had on my mind lately and decided to dig it up. There, no fuss outfit -except when I had to call a search party to help me find it in my wardrobe, but it was one of those moments when you are so obsessed that you are not giving up until it's found. An hour later,there it was, a piece that I have owned for 10 years now, still looking as new. And it still looked as cool when I put it over jeans and let the rest hang loose, just to accentuate the wide belt buckle  which is in my per now fave trend: clear acrylic. Monochrome and layering as it is still MF freezing here?! and there you have it a perfect Saturday look, out for a coffee with my love which is back home

The coat is D&G men's in size 52, Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater, Ceine shirt, ACNE jeans, Stella Mccartney boots. Georg Jensen watch and Cooee silver cuff


posted on: Thursday, March 21, 2013

SO, many hair compliments lately (red: Thank you!), although it really is about time for me to cut it a bit. Here are my in and out of shower favs.I do have to say that I am addicted to volume and big hair at the root level kind of thing so I am experimenting for the moment, but here are some product that I swear to and have done s in a last year .

Kersatase , ok obviously ( I promise this is not a payed ad, but a lot of trying on, and on in the product jungle): VolumIntense shampoo, Volumactive conditioner, and Architect masque (twice a week) and Fiber Architect - every day. A good home blowout and woops- all done!


posted on: Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding thus jacket. It comes from Never Denim for BikBok and costed on SALE somewhere about 30$. I am not sure if you con get hold of it now, but check your local BikBok store :).It's in neoprene and has that Balenciaga structure feel to it-the color is sort of off white/beige.
Happy hunting!


There is something so appealing in the colorblock leather that every time I need inspo on how to update my wardrobe for spring I end up going through FENDI SS13 for on and on. I love the fact that the collection is so clean, yet so cheerfull and to be honest there is nothing quite like it out there.It feels so fresh and new without having to go all the way to the just plain crazy, in order to capture attention.
So roll the dice on which skirt is it going to be: the one on the first or the one on the third pic?


posted on: Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What I would wear right now if I won the lottery, or just got a pre-tt-y nice salary


posted on: Monday, March 18, 2013

 Isa Arfen on the AW13 presentation at Hotel du Crillon in Paris.
There, without any warning, I was taken by  the highly covetable collection, which was as charming and  beautiful  as Serafina - the designer herself.
The collection in many ways contained the pieces I was imagining in my head I would crave for during next fall, but annoyingly couldn't find anywhere: the oversized coat with big lapels in the perfect shade of baby blue, the mohair jacket in dark red (not to be confused with burgundy), the embellished crop top in navy.The beautiful pallet of powdery blue shades and brick red, the attention to details and passion brought to the collection were obvious signs that this was the collection designer held dear.Even the 3/4 that are a micro trend for the  fall (but don't usually look good on low ppl as myself) seemed something to lust for. Especially the ones in PVC!- which would look great with a pair of bad a** platforms!
Everything was highly wearable, yet the contrast of feminine and clean cut, against the more solid fabrics, gave that something extra to the everyday style, which is exactly what I am looking for.
I even just ordered a special handknitted beanies that would go with above mentioned coats.
So now it just remains for the beautiful pieces to hit the stores! 


posted on: Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ok, I admit it, I googled  myself.However if I didn't I woudn't find this supercute photo of me and Ch during LFW righte after Christopher Kane I think?
Anyways, THANK YOU Nyanzi Report for featuring us!


OK, to be honest it has been snowing here for the last couple of days. On the other hand, a week or a week and a half ago Bergen had a little spring flirt where the temps was up to 10 degrees -  thus my light and layered outfit.
I was looking forward of showing you this one out of the sole reason: colors. Lately I have been a big fan of baby blue, but you know a proper powdery shade (not to turquoise and not to gray), mixed with olive green. I found this colorblocking so unexpected that it always intrigues me, even in an effortless outfit like this. The white pants are out of the closet and now I am waiting patiently for spring to arrive
(although I doubt that will happen soon- thus my latest purchase...)

I am wearing Isabel Marant jacket, vintage leather jacket underneath, ACNE sweater and men's jeans and sunnies, SL pumps and MAnual bag. The beautiful armcandy is Cooee


posted on: Saturday, March 16, 2013

Photocourtesy of VOGUE Netherlands

Weekend huh? Any special plans guys??For my part e are celebrating my brothers bday and that's pretty much it,Sooo, I am starting my weekend with some laidback inspiration from the newly established Vogue Netherlands, which pretty much nailed it with this shoot.

Have  a great weekend  lovely ppl!


posted on: Friday, March 15, 2013

As those who follow me on Insta and the blog have noticed I have had a slight shoe dilemma  which involved a bad menage-a-trois drama between a pair of Wang's, Stella and Sergio Rossi.
After being disillusioned about all the involved parties it was time to be rational  and well, most of my Insta and Twitter followers noticed that I ended up with a pair of Rossi boots (which because the exotic pelts will take  a month to arrive, but that's  another story). However what I told only to my poor boyfriend is that I also snapped these some minutes afterwards. A last pair, and they have just arrived!

U know what I will be sporting tomorrow...

Kate boots by Stella Mccartney


posted on: Thursday, March 14, 2013

I have been having mens doublebreasted coats when worn by a women on my mind lately. I think there is something so  alluring in that thought, you know- transgender clothes. I think that the men's cut often suits women better, I can't put my words around it,but I think most of you get what I mean.
I borrowed Ch's as a wool jacket and paired it with some skinnies and a pastel sweater  I wanted to create a slightly exaggerated silhouette around the shoulders and keep the rest sleek and easy.
It turned out to be a perfect Sunday brunch outfit.

I am wearing ACNE blazer,sweater and sunnies, scarf by Won Hundred, jeans by JBrand, heels Saint Laurent, bag is Tosca Blu, Georg Jensen watch and Cooee silver cuff


posted on: Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Whilst I was in Paris this lovely two page spread in Norwegian magazine KK came out, but I just got it in the mail.And now I can finally show it to you . A little sneak peak into my closet and som extra details on my everyday.
Thank you!
I am wearing Louboutin pumps, by Malene Birger leather pants, Rag&Bone sweater (oldie), cufs by Cooee and a Georg Jensen watch

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