posted on: Sunday, September 30, 2012

I have to say that today Ch has outdone himself!I loved that the suit was styled with an Acne tee and velvet scarf that was slightly contradictory tone to pinstripes. Qurky sunnies really give the casual tone to the whole 'suiting up' (I really am a big fan of round sunnies a guy- they always give that slightly nostalgic tone, almost reminiscent of 50's- journalist kind-a-look.)
Anyways, my love has accompanied me the whole PFW and patientely waiting for me during shooting and shows..and caring a bag with flats, compeeds, makeup and all the things we girls need.


Ch is wearing D&G suit, Acne tee and brogues, Penrose scarf and Illesteva sunnies


  1. You two make such a great and fashionable couple!! Def love your bf's look, he makes the suit not too dressy.

  2. how very dapper he is! love it - what a PFW hero

    ♥ ThankFifi

  3. The first pic is amazing it could have be a magazine

  4. love it when men are not afraid to dress up, it looks always so great and chic when it's done right! Madrid Street Style

  5. Love his style!! Wish more men would dress like this!

    XO J

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