posted on: Wednesday, October 30, 2013

With my love coming home and Halloween approaching parties are standing in line over here.  Although not the most festive gal overhere, but some things are just to much fun not to miss.
So, gothic romance was on my mind this season around and the choice fell on the classic with a  black off-shoulder gown by House of Dagmar paired with a lace blindfold (later on though).
For those who still can't find the perfect lacefold you can as easily pop by your nearest DIY store and find a material you like (it can even as easily be just a piece of organza or beaded silk or whatever falls into your particular liking)
Pair it with some simple jewelry and woop, your done..(and next year you can always go as something pink and fuzzy)
I am wearing Acne Coat, House of Dagmar dress, Saint Laurent heels, Angel Jackson purse, vintage jewelry and Kikki de Montparnasse mask


posted on: Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In courtesy of

Chanel biker chain boots from AW13.
I want them so badly that the words can't describe it, nor can the cute emoticons.
Regreting for not getting them when I was in Paris earlier in October
Oh, regrets...


posted on: Monday, October 28, 2013

The same moment weather took a turn for the worse, which was- let's face it- some weeks ago,I threw on mood-lifting colors- thus me never taking off my beautiful pink Bugsy.
 I love how the fantastic pink brushed wool works with my newly acquired men's shirt br Dries Van Noten ,playign on the whole masuline-feminine mix that we all love.
 As I am still very reluctant to packing away my sandals, especially my beloved Prada's (that have been sported only a few times), I decided that it was time to take the whole in-denial-that-autumn-is-here feeling and pair them with hand-knitted woolen socks(thanks to my mother-in-law)...
Irina 1- Autumn 0.
Where are we on the whole socks- in- sandals thing anyway?
It was a definite no for my part as long as I remember until Vogue Paris did this editorial with a girl on a bike in Dries, and wool socks topped with Birkenstocks. 

I am wearing pink Bugsy coat by Malene Birger, men's Dries Van Noten shirt, Rag&Bone jeans, Prada sandals and TheManual&Co bag.


posted on: Sunday, October 27, 2013

SO, very colorful look from my part this time.I know I usually am not this happy-happy-color fashion persona but something about these garments and colors really went well togheteher when I started layering.I loved the fact that it was still warm enough in Oslo to actually sport bare legs.
On the other hand layering (white) shirt and polos has been on my mind since the Dries van Noten AW13, that it is porbably going to become my trend staple for the winter comming.That, and furry (pereferably shearling so that we are clear) clutches, especially in beautiful pastels.

I am wearing Fillipa K polo, C√ČLINE shirt, 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch (isn't it adorable??), Dries Van Noten skirt, Stella Maccartney for Adidas sneakers and RayBans.


posted on: Saturday, October 26, 2013

Latest combo-obsession of mine: navy blue and leopard. 

Happy Saturday
PS. Don't forget to stay tuned for some photos from last night ;)



posted on: Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ok, tired face and coffein cravings, but there is a reason why most of the people wear sunnies during fashion week.
A little TBT from Paris FW today wearing jeans from Zara and a vintage blazer, and check out my lipstick(ok, I did borrow it ;) and purse doing matchy, match with the blazer details.
I still can't believe that I paid 30$ for this vintage Valentino treasure, which kind of  a brings me to todays topics: quality really does last, and velvet  never goes out of fashion. Nor it should.

I am wearing vintage Valentino blazer, Acne T (mens), Zara jeans, Marc Jacobs bag, Georg Jensen watch and Saint Laurent Paris heels.


posted on: Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Photo courtesy of Vogue Paris

Anja Rubik, black and white photography,amazing leather pieces, to be frank -what is there not to like about the editorials in October issue of Vogue Paris?
And let's be honest nobody does nonchalant sexy as french do, which is right spot on how I want to look this fall.


posted on: Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Not much into cute animals on sweaters and sequins but I am very much into lucky cats(actually an obsession of mine, still not sure why..). This sweater from Markus Lupfer is waaay to adorable and very much cute and cuddly (ok,slightly pricey) not to own one.
Markus Lupfer Lucky Cat sweater on Net-a-porter


posted on: Monday, October 21, 2013

My last Paris sin (aka the buy that was the final touch in the plan of ruining this months economy) was this powdery blue coat by Carven The place of the crime: Colette's - naturally. That being sad I haven't regretted one moment after I bought it and have used it countless of times since (it's getting really chilly here..:/) 
I love that this season powdery, pastelish colors have been dominating outerwear.The new approach designers have taken when it comes to baby blue and pink, mixing them with a harder, more masculine materials and cooler shapes, reinvented and adapted these usually perceived as girly hues so that they suddenly fit in every women's wardrobe.
As for my chunky sweater it is men's and vintage, bought few years back.


posted on: Sunday, October 20, 2013

The one day of the week I deny to think about all of the things that have to be done, usually reserved for long breakfasts and reading, a long aimless stroll after workout just to maybe stumble upon a interesting discussion or clear the head and re-focus. First, I still haven't digested all of the fashion week impressions, but have non-the-less become few tricks wiser:
1. ALWAYS have a small good quality camera with you, the choice this time fell upon Leica with the coolest retro design, and beyond quality for something that fits in all of my purses and clutches. Also I am a keen everything-and-everywhere photographer, so visual diaries of good quality are a must.

2. The second thing is use underground to make it to the various appointments and shows, being stuck in the traffic is a generally not accepted excuse although it is a legitimate one

3. A pair of good sneakers is a must if you want to be able to walk a)from and to the stations 
b) just to actually be able to walk out of your hotel after coming home from shows.
Which brings me to the my newest obsession: the Adidas sneakers with BOOST sole.
Now, this is the closest thing you get to walking on clouds.
My always tired feet and tendonitis( I run a lot before, started recently again) were like swept away after trying on these. I wore them for a whole weekend when I was in Oslo, and loved them so much that I actually ended up with a second pair with the same sole, for the workout purpose.The green ones from Stella McCartney for Adidas and the purple ones with the same boost system.
 Pure revelation. 

Oh, yeah and the Saturday spent on some light-weight fashion reading and eternal search for inspiration found in Yohji Yammamoto and Karl's wit.


posted on: Friday, October 18, 2013

So, Paris (Fashion Week) is a place for drama and unfolding all of the aspects of your style that usually don't fit in everyday reality - or at least if You are not AdR...And I bet you didn't know about my life on the darker side of fashion where I dress like a GoT worthy character (now I did ask Ch to buy me a dragon- he simply replied that we already have one in our house....). But seriously, joke aside, I wore this on the final date of PFW-very fitting if you ask me- with Marc Jacobs doing dark birds of paradise theme and funeral carousel for his final Louis Vuitton show.
 I have to admit this is probably one of the coolest things I ever wore, just those pants are insane- not to mention pairing them with a croptop...
But all that being said Paris is Paris, and the show must go on. I probably will not be getting the pants as the rain here would ruin them (silk and ostrich-need I say more??), but the croptop (I mean Barbara Bui made one in gold AND white. somehow both will end up in my closet) paired with the leather pants is a decently cool night-out outfit, or just paired with ripped jeans and white sneakers for just hanging outside with your mates.But than again I would pair everything with the ripped jeans...

Top, pants and clutch are from Barbara Bui and Saint Laurent heels


posted on: Thursday, October 17, 2013

When you don't like a pair of shoes, but than you see them in a store and they become an obsession.
And than you go out of the store with a cool white box with blut print saying 'Proenza Schouler' feeling all warm and fuzzy...and slightly confused.
Nevermind, I loved them since the moment I tried them on.
Proenza Schouler heels at My-wardrobe



posted on: Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The name that has been on everybody's lips lately (except for miss Cyrus) is Neil Barrett and his Aw collection that has been hitting the stores last couple of weeks. We have seen some amazing sweaters and neoprene pieces  that have taken this 90's vibe to the anno 2013 and his precise cuts have been the latest obsession of mine. SO, no wonder this sweater was very much welcomed and I didn't have to brainstorm to find what to wear it with.
Also it would look great with a turtleneck under when the weather turns the page...

I am wearing Neil Barrett sweater, Vanessa Bruno skirt, by Malene Birger purse and Sergio Rossi heels


posted on: Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A lot of you emailed me about which lipstick I was wearing a couple outfits ago and here is the secret;)
I don't wear lipstick BUT I am completely hooked on lipsticks/pencils either because of the perfect velvety-matt color or because of the light hint of color, and I have lately been using the mix of these two. NARS in Palais Royal as a base color which is very saturated and has this satinish texture and Clinique Chubby stick in Tomato red lightly dubbed on the top of the pout to catch the light and give a little more lush lip.
Also, it's creamy texture mixed with saturated NARS pen gives a more natural feel to the red lip, and easy to adjust colortone whether you want it lighter or darker depending on what your mood.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Tomoto Red and NARS Satin Pencil in Palais Royal


posted on: Monday, October 14, 2013

Heeey, my absolutely wonderful readers! Well, Yours truly has been away for work a couple of days and managed to forget her Mac at home thinking it was already packed.Which obviously it wasn't.
But now I am back with some pretty cool pics from Oslo, completely new training gear from Stella McCartney for Adidas and a new Leica cam.Not to mention this amazing Acne coat that I just got from My-wardrobe and new uber- comfy, and very,very cool sneaks from Stella for Adidas.
I wore this for a meeting yesterday and afterwards for the stroll in the sunny weather we have had.
I love the detailing on this outfit, from the high shearling collar to the pop of denim mixed with leather and neon green laces.Not to mention that it is a super comfortable one...


posted on: Thursday, October 10, 2013

I have been obsessing about these two jackets lately. I love the cropped,boxy shape and the unique look they both have. Unfortunately, both of them cost way to much that I can afford them right now.
But, hey a girl can dream!


posted on: Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Amazing temperatures in Paris during Fashion Week (which makes me miss it even more while I sit here wrapped in a blanket...)! so I used the opportunity to sport my newly obtained slip dress from Zara (I actually got 3 different...) for a look that was inspired by my obsession with SLP and Prada's AW collections. Not to mention the inspiration drawn for the editorial in Vogue US that I just posted...
This was one of my favorite 'off duty' looks when we were just strolling around moody Paris, back and forth Rue d'Honore and looking for  a perfect bistro to grab a bite at( I actually just wore the jacket over the shoulders as it was just way to warm). I love the combo of chunky heels , lace dress and the silk shirt, it gives that perfect hard/soft mix that we all are crazy about,
So irritated that I couldn't find my Maria Black fingertip rings as they would be just perfect accessory

Jacket is BLKDNM(here), Zara dress, Dries Van Noten plaid shirt, Prada heels and  SLP bag.


posted on: Monday, October 7, 2013

I have had these editorials on my mind lately the black&white in the latest issue of Vogue Paris and the one featuring Daria on in Vogue US September issue.
Right spot on when it comes to how to sport these seasons knits and layers, all mixed up with a note of grunge that you know I hold very dear to my heart. While it often has been about mixing traditional hard materials with organza, tulle and chiffon I love the layering of solids that is more central here giving a masculine touch to the feminine cut.

Photo courtesy of Vogue Paris and Vogue US


posted on: Sunday, October 6, 2013

So, tartan and plaid you say...Well as WWW put it nicely 'If you are not wearing plaid this season what are you wearing??' Joke aside, I think that madness about plaid going on right now is due to general lack of it in the past, or at least the vast selection of different patterns.And lets be honest when the cold wind starts to blow, and the rain showers kick in who doesn't want to be wrapped in beautiful, soft knit with a print that evokes a certain feeling of autumn cozy?
Sometime ago I opened my eyes to the new brand called O'2nd currently sold exclusively on My-wardrobe and found this ultra too-cool-for-school sweater. I have been meaning to show it  to you for quite some time and well, here it is. I love the royal blue and a different take on traditional tartan patter, I love even more how well it goes if you are in the mood for layering plaid on plaid, which I most definitely am...

I am wearing American College varsity jacket, Cubus scarf, O'2nd sweater, Guess leather skirt, Thakoon velvet boots,The Manual&Co purse, Georg Jensen watch and Cooee bracelet

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