posted on: Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Paris, here I come! Tomorrow that is,  but I have decided to celebrate it with a flashback from last years run! Seriously  can't wait. Although I am wandering how many Kenzo sweaters will I be seeing and the same goes for Balenciaga gold rings.

Photos from Anne Valerie Hash SS13, and random Paris stuff taken by me.

C ya L there!


posted on: Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SO, more pics from London. Although it's still chilly, you can feel the warmth of the sun gently announcing arrival of spring.It was one of those days when you still need a good sweater, but one can go for the lighter choice of outerwear. Like- an iconic lack leather jacket.  I have been looking forward to wearing this combo as asymmetrical skirts are a wardrobe favorite and always look great with something oversized. I bought this Celine skirt on Bluefly ages ago, but didn't have quite the chance to wear it, so I am thrilled to be able to sport it here and there. 
Anyways, I am in the process of packing for PFW...
Good luck to me I say, as I have prepared for Spring- and not the icey temps forecasted...
P.S What do you think of the new blog layout courtesy of wonderful Sara and Marie from We Don't Do Print??

I am wearing Hope sweater, Celine skirt, Thakoon boots, vintage jacket and The Manual&Co purse.


posted on: Sunday, February 24, 2013

Photocourtesy of

Ok, not the simple no-fuss look I am a firm follower off, but the pure hotness of Roberto Cavalli's AW13 is something I can't seem to take off my mind lately. The craftsmanship is simply amazing and I keep seeing myself in this- and this dress, or that sweater with that skirt , an on and on in that manner...Also most of the pieces are quite easy to dress up or down as you please...


Hi, ho my dear readers! Beautiful wintery Sunday overhere. I have bee resting lately and watching the live streams as much as possible or browsing for the instant updates. SEriously Milano has really stepped up a notch this season, and although Cavalli and Pucci can be way too blingy for my part, I ended up drooling over so many garments and looks.
Speaking of drooling: I have been obsessed with Alexander Wang's holographic sweater in grey for aw13 but the word pricey doesn't even describe it...So, now I am wandering , am I crazy enough to actually start saving for it. I mean 3k isn't a small amount in anybody's book....??
Anyway, back to today: my easy Sunday look.The infamous Marant Etoile coat cinched in the waist- as seen literary everywhere. I for my part love cinched in coats, especially if there are  slightly oversized,as  it really ads a special charm to it. As I am all about Dries ss13 in my spare time, underneath the coat is a good old checked shirt, that sometimes reminds me of my early years on university... Paired with cropped jeans and patent heels, and woop off shopping for a dinner later on with my bro and his bf (best friend that is!)Also I have finally found accessorize that I am not taking off (except when I work) and the both bracelets  come from Cooee luxury collection, which I am mad about to be frank.
Yes , and  a humblebrag in the 'The Sartorialist' direction where you can find my outfit from Day 2  in London. 

I am wearing Isabel Marant Etoile coat, vintage shirt, Diesel jeans, Valentino bag, Chanel sunnies, Cooee braclets and Georg Jensen watch, the heels are naturalment Saint Laurent


posted on: Saturday, February 23, 2013

Photo courtesy of Vogue Paris

The perfect take on a Saturday night outfit. I think it embodies the french chic,cheeky and unexpected in such a good way. And Anja looks mildly incredible!


posted on: Friday, February 22, 2013

Crazy, crazy  week! Friday, finally. I will be sporting my SL pumps during the weekend, and when at home catching up with VOGUE,. Oh , yeah and the picture of my current favorite: white roses.

Have a great weekend dear readers!


OK, I am not a gal that likes fussy and overdo style.A shirt, jeans/skirt and I am ready, however I am a gal that loves authentic shoes. The kind that is crazy, eyecatching, yet there has to be something timeless about it. I really can't put my finger on what is it that evokes that feeling of love which after a while becomes an obsession for a certain shoepair, but I have to be able to imagine them wearing in two-three-ten years time (or you are just throwing away money, which is cool if you have to flaunt it, but for a working girl, well...)
These are my spring picks and to be honest not only I want them all, I am hoping to obtain them all, or at least some of them...Thinking of starting with Altuzarra pair and working clockwise...


posted on: Thursday, February 21, 2013

In courtesy of Street Peacocks

Photo courtesy of MyTheresa/ LaStyleMuse

Looove my pink leather jacket!Not only that I actually love the fact that is made of crafty, robust leather as it is real motorcycle jacket, not the fashiony version of it. However if you are thinking about pastel leather jackets you can see the feature HERE (they didn't cut my head off...that was my own doing...)


posted on: Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Back home with sort of mixed feelings.
I have to admit it has been ridiculously fun during the FW, I loved the fact that I had time to catch up with some of my favorite photographers,meet new one, go to  shows and meet up with some fellow bloggers.I mean it was four day of b** cracking fun, beautiful garments and shoots to hold even Narcissus himself happy. And yet I am stuck here, wandering if the bloggers were a one trick PR pony and is what we do relevant, or rather we have made our own bed, now we have to lay in it to?
To be quite honest, I am definitely not sure.
On the other side, I have to note that the relevance of one's work is something that is a subject of discussion. I for my part blog not only about what I wores, but rather put together things that I miss to see in magazines or generally in the fashion world. I often find myself looking through editorials which seem to be more and more avantgarde and more and more beautiful but somewhat without a purpose or at the end the inspiration. I am often wandering if this new avantgarde is a fashions response to the bloggers interpretation of designer garments to everyday style?
That being said, I have to say that I partially do not agree with myself, since there is a reason that every month I buy Vogue US, UK, It and FR and stock them into my small apartment...

But back to a cheerer subject:: Thank you all for the great time in LFW and c u in Paris!
(Skipping Milan, I do have to work you know..;))

I am wearing BikBok/Never Denim neopren jacket, Designers Remix sweater, Acne skirt and sunnies, Aquazzura heels and Valentino purse.


posted on: Monday, February 18, 2013

So, here we are again.Yesterday I was yet again,a victim of the rather aggressive flu I have had for more, or less a week now. But, nevertheless, here are the photos,from early in the noon. For me it was all about B&W with some color infusions. The coat is quite 'Audrey Hepburn'-or at least in my head, so I wanted to make it more urban and relaxed, instead of the exploiting it's full potential as a classic piece. So whimp! a  jersey sweater and jeans and here we are, a reasonably comfy look for the warmer days in London.

I am wearing Vanessa Brune Athe Coat, Acne sunnies and menswear jeans, Designers Remix sweater and Aquazzura heels.The clutch is Valentino


posted on: Sunday, February 17, 2013

Photo courtesy of

Thank you dear Tommy for snapping me outside Somerset house wearing my fav Proenza Schouler!
Stil obsessing about your coat from Dries though.


posted on: Saturday, February 16, 2013

So,here it is baby,London Fashion Week.Finally!
I am still sick so I was more sightseeing at shows than actually visiting them, but it's cool. At least I got to sport my Proenza SChouler dress, that has been kept in the closet because of the not so very fine weather in Norway. Maybe it's the fever speaking, but for my part it is spring here and I decided to show off some skin before the temp dropped.
I used socks to make my sandals more boots-ish, and so wonderfully it worked against the chill in the air. In the evening I went for a warmer version with woolen tights.
When it comes to shows Reaburn's quilted jackets are on top of my to-get list.
And I was thinking olive and pink this season which proves to be a go-to colors for next one.
Am I not always telling that I a season or two infront of  everybody else??

I am wearing Proenza Schouler dress, vintage leather jacket, Tabitha Simmons heels and Balenciaga clutch.


posted on: Thursday, February 14, 2013

So, despite the terrible business of currently having a flu, my cam deleting 50% of my recently taken photos and the snow outside , I am keeping the chin (and the mood) up.The fact that I feel as someone has taken a hammer and smacked me in the head,isn't stopping me as I am soon off to LFW.
I wanted to show you a little preview of something I would typically wear for the occasion.Although I can't wait to wear this PP skirt with a  plain white T, I'll have to wait for spring to arrive-in the meantime I am paring it with equally psychedelic sweater from Alexander Wang.

Sweater by A.Wang, skirt by Peter Pilotto, Balenciaga clutch and Ch's leather jacket.


posted on: Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This sprin I want to own a pair of really, really tapered and really, really long jeans. You know, the kind that would make 70's flare look like a pair of skinnies.
The bigger (taper) the better. Maybe a pair from Stella Mccartney


posted on: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ok, I proudly present my first item in my Saint Laurent future-to-be collection, the pointy patent pumps.
In the spirit of a true french label it was only inevitable pairing it with Breton stripes and a peacoat, at least for the day, or rather after work hours. But I guess simplicity and a dose of charm foes long way. As
my love couldn't  be here for Valentines we took the celebration a little early and went for a dinner,just relaxing and discussing the upcoming FW. I guess that is the big subject for the time being as it is always an endlessly exciting theme - for me at least(he just nicks and smiles...)

Peacoat from D&G, Rag&Bone sweater, my favorite Diesel jeans, Marc Jacobs pumps and Saint Laurent pumps.


posted on: Monday, February 11, 2013


Wasit just me, dear readers, or have many of you had the feeling of a genius growing up and in that adding a more refined touch to his garments?Because that was what I felt, and I loved it! It was as Alexander Wang wasn't showing the skeptics that he is able to take over Balenciaga, it was more like he just efortlessly proved it, presenting a very clean, cool and so refined collection, with the accents on textures and workmanship rather than on cool gimmicks.
 I know I was head over my heels for the collection and am already looking forward to Moda Operandi having a trunkshow.


Well, if somebody knows how to turn up the heat is Joseph Alutzarra. Those skirts,the cut, the split! are MG to my O,and look fabulous with the ankle boots. I love the fact that he takes so well notes from the street and reinterpret them in his work. 


I am sucker for everything Olivier Theyskens does, I have to admit. Maybe it still appeals to a grown up version of my post adolescent goth and metal geek. Anyhow, I love that accents in my favorite looks are on simplicity and colors; and a perfectly tailored slouchy fit. 


posted on: Sunday, February 10, 2013

Today was one of those days where you can almost feel the spring in the air (or maybe it's the flowers I got yesterday are making me an optimistic,ref: Instagram). It's still cold but the sun is out and warming, and you see the signs of nature awaking here and there. SO, my dating came back today and we took a little stroll- as we usually do on Sundays and just enjoyed the fresh air. I am channeling the cool and the easy , with some leather and denim, and just layering textures.
And have you seen Wang's latest? I am a biiiiiig fan, it was all about silhouette and textures which is , o so, down my lane.

I am wearing Acne bomber,boots and sunnies, Isabel Marant Etoile´ cardi, Givenchy skirt, Marc Mcnairy shirt and The Manual&Co purse


posted on: Saturday, February 9, 2013

Prabal Gurung is one of those fashion geniuses that every season deliver high octane  my-pulse-to-the-ruff collection. Although not so very street friendly, it left a lot of room for interpreting upcoming trends and me at least, in the state of dream, thinking of all the occasions I could wear those perfectly structured charmeuse dresses. But to be frank, I am more of a street gal and above all the looks these two stood out.
The silhouette and the cut were a pure turn on, both physically and  emotionally, as I started manically to look after fur coats on the net....
And  me who thought that I am so over winter...


posted on: Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy weekend lovely readers! I for my part am taking a long well-earned rest before I head over to London, (where I hope it won't snow??). I am anxious to show you my FW survival kit and some glimpses of what I will be wearing. In the meantime I am showing off my newest sale treasure the Celine white leather top, which I used here underneath the chunky knit. The main reason is that although it's dry on the ground it's still winter here, and layering is well- a necessity.
For quite sometime I have been avoiding pairing the above-mentioned as they reminded me more on Howard Wollowitz from BBT, but it grew on me (once again not because of the character in the series, but more 'cause of that nostalgic 70's and again 90's node) and here I am sporting it.
Oh, more exciting news I have decided to get the SL pumps, as soon as my salary hits my bank account, which will hopefully be right after weekend!
So much to look forward to!



I am weraing Celine leather top, Designers Remix swetare, Valenotino clutch,  old JBrands and Aquazzura Amazone heels.

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