posted on: Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ok, many of you would think - why travel anywhere if you are going to hang by the hotel pool?, but for me coming from Bergen and 13C to sunny Montenegro and 35C was like being hit in the face by the heat. Literary.
So, (although I now have a really,really nice tan )the midday was completely unbearable for the first couple of days. But a good packer as I am a have foreseen all of this and packed my favorite breezy and very matchy ensemble from the ultra-cool FWSS. I have been into matching tops and bottoms for a while now,looking for  pieces that almost resembles onesie, yet had all the versatility of a two piece outfit.So this navy/white geometric print combo was a love at first sight,and being made in silk (a BIG plus when being on ultrawarm place) gave the whole look a perfect slouchy fit, not loosing the tailoring for the sake of comfort. One word: love.

I am wearing FWSS shorts and shirt, Cooee Silver cuff, Eddie Borgo bracelet, Georg Jensen watch and a RayBans.


posted on: Monday, July 29, 2013

It's the Daria-effect - fashions favorite gal landing once again Celine and Isabel Marant campaigns, and at it looking perfectly lovely in both of them, channeling just the right amount of attitude mixed with a right dose of coolness.Way to go girl(s)!

Photocourtesy fo FashioGoneRogue


posted on: Sunday, July 28, 2013


So, tons of clothes are waiting to be unpacked, yet I couldn't get myself  to open a suitcase - instead we popped by our favourite coffee shop. Although we spent the days in Montenegro laying on the beach we spent the nights strolling around which in turn meant Sunday spent in flats was a blessing. So nothing fancy today,just a shorts and a sweater.And a pop of  color that really giver a nice contrast to my newly obtained tan... And a mood lifter for the rainy, gloomy and so very dark Bergen ;)

I am wearing Kenzo sweater,Acne short and flats,Marc Jacobsen pusse,Eddie Borgo jewelry and Georg Jensen watch.


posted on: Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hell my dear readers! I am officially back from my vaca and despite the lack of updates I have been a good blogger and snapped most of my outfits. But, before I catch a break from unpacking and edit the photos you can check out the article on LuelleMag giving you  a good peek into my style philosophy and wardrobe. See it here ;)
Here is a little preview and you can see my new pink arm candy that I got in Montenegro...;)

I am wearing Balmain sweater, Samsøe&Samsøe shorts, TheManual&Co purse and RayBans
Showing off my Aquazurras, Chanel in Frenzy, Gondola and Black Velvet and the python beauty from Angel Jackson.


posted on: Tuesday, July 23, 2013

 You all noticed how lightly I packed for being away for a weak. This was supposed to be no heels-no fuss weekend-trying to recharge batteries, but at the end I couldn't help myself and packed two pairs of heels- amongst them my beloved Aquazzuras (which as you might have noticed are probably the most used pair of heels for the time being). The Montenegro isn't a place for a relaxed nightlife so clubbing ended up being a art of the night routine.I have been going for the tee/skirt combo as it's actually just to warm to wear anything else... ;)

I am wearing vintage tee, Givenchy skirt, Aquazzura heels and Saint Laurent bag. The watch is ,my favourite Georg Jensen, Cooee silver bracelet and Eddie Borgo jewelry.


SO, I am currently enjoying not doing so very much. The easy beachlife, music and late tropical nights is really something I could easily get used to, but than again who wouldn't...Anyways what do you wear when it is just to hot outside to think about clothes?I am so glad I decided to give Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini a go (despite their tiny bottom sizing!) as this has to be my fav bikini in..ever?!It has this really cool superhero costume vibe over it being made in sparkly blue neoprene (how could I live without sparkly neoprene before beats me??...) 

The bikini by Lisa Marie Fernandez, Isabel Marant top, Acne shorts, Celine sunnies.


posted on: Saturday, July 20, 2013

So, first outfit post from the sunny,warm and evermore beautiful Montenegro.I am so lucky that my darling made it back home at last possible minute...!
 We arrived quite early today so while we waited  for our room to be ready I decided to turn my peasant blouse from H&M (you have seen it in white earlier) into offshoulder top, as I have had those on my mind for a very long time now.But it was a great outfit to travel in as the blouse was so perfectly light and breezy, yet proved to be so convertable when needed.
I promise to keep you updated, and in the meanwhile I'll be trying to soak up so much sun as possible.

I am wearing H&M Trend top, denim shorts by Samsøe&Samsøe and Birkenstocks. The sunnies are new RayBan's and bag is SaintLaurent Paris.


So I am not sure if this is the definition of packing lightly, but for me it is.. Couple oh shorts, 2 skirts, 2 bikies and a bunch of tank tops. Sunglasses.Did I forget something??

Tops from Isabel Marant, FWSS,Acne, vintage and MiuMiu bikini by Liza Marie Fernandez (they seriously run big time small), FWSS  and ACNE shorts ,Givenchy /Fillipa K skirt.Sunnies from Carrera, Acne and Illesteva and a pair of Birkenstocks. Hair Oil by L'Anza,  Lavender body butter (I am addicted to Lavender) and Chanel sunscreen. 


posted on: Friday, July 19, 2013

Super late on posting!Actually superlate with pretty much everything.But all that aside, I promise I will be a better blogger from now on.
Some time ago we had something in Bergen that can resemble descent summer temperatures and I decided to sport all the punchy pieces I have in my closet. You all know how fond I am of yellow, and it worked so well with the white T/denim skirt combo.I can promise you that you will be seeing my yellow Aquazzuras A LOT this summer.
Anyways, now I packing for a well deserved vacation in warmer climate and I promise a lot of fun snaps! Stay tuned for a proper pics of what I have brought with me.

I am wearing Brian Lichentstein Homies T, Acne ripped denim skirt, Marc Jacobs pure and Aquazzura heels. The sunnies are carrera


posted on: Wednesday, July 17, 2013

You can find my vacation essentials  and what I will be bringing with me on Friday to Montenegro on  COSTUME. Juts follow the link - and for not norwegian readers, Google translate is always a good alternative ;)


We all know that being emotionally unstable and shopping usually aren't the best combo in the world as it usually ends up in buying things you never-ever use,but this time I don't regret going crazy in the beauty department at all. As I am quite pale and will preferably stay that way (watch your skin ladies!wrinkles aren't nice at any age) I need just a little stroke of bronzing powder. I wasn't sure what to get as all of the compact versions felt so heavy  and way to creamy (which would be ok if I didn't use the foundation in color 'Porcelain') so I gave the bronzing brush a go. No regrets there, as it really gives light contouring and softly sun kissed look in 1-2-3
Gel-top coat from Guerlain a fantastic little thing, the best I have ever used and I also decide to give the chubby sticks a go. Now, I am so addicted that I got it in three different shade.
New on the olfactory departments is Le Labo. Fleur D'Orange, but I have so quickly become a fan of their scents that I also consider getting another called Santal. 

Terracota Bronzing Brush  and Gel TopCoat - both from Guerlain, Clinique ChubbySticks in: Super Strawberry, Mighty Mimosa and Two Tone Tomato.


posted on: Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My newest obsession, Sac du Jour mini from non other than Saint Laurent. I never use big bags, because I love my hands free when carrying a bag, but I will admit that this one has had me falling head over heels. I spotted it at The Corner Berlin,and than again at KaDeWe. Luckily I couldn't choose between 3 colors (black, grey and aubergine) so I've dropped it...It looks like my indecisiveness has finally served to a greater good....For now at least.

Sac du Jour Mini by Saint Laurent


posted on: Monday, July 15, 2013

Ok, as we all have noticed crop tops are back, in different sizes, shapes and model.
I couldn't find the right one until this little cutie from MiuMiu hit the stores.The crinkles, the slightly stone-white color, the v-neck and spaghetti straps combined with the perfect length, became a sort of obsession of mine, and me being a happy shopper as I am, really couldn't resist it.
 So, I decided to sport a look which is very anno 2000, but the coolness of it worked for me, or at least for hot summer days as it happens Berlin was this weekend.
Sometimes it is just allowed to turn up the heat, especially when you are on vacation...
P.S Thanks to wonderful Alex for helping me with the photos ;)

I am wearing MiuMiu croptop, Rag&Bone jeans, SaintLaurent bag and Aquazzura heels.


posted on: Sunday, July 14, 2013

So, I have had such a great time here in Berlin I can't even begin to tell you. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Regent Berlin I am staying at, it has fulfilled all of my expectations and more.  It has been such a mesmerizing arena for a fantastic shoot and shots, and I really can't wait to show you pictures.Actully, thinking of moving here.
In the meantime here are some snaps and sneakpeeks of what I have been up to lately...
I have also been updating my makeup bag, and have bought a couple of new toys that have quickly become my favorite. 


posted on: Saturday, July 13, 2013

Comes from FWSS which is a new Norwegian based brand and I really wish  I was wearing it currently. It would be perfect for the breezy Berlin, paired with a just a simple mini leather skirt and some heels, and out-of-bed hairdo.It is a part of FWSS AW collection and will soon be available in stores.
SO, I am enjoying Berlin big time. I can't wait to show you some snaps of the most fantastic hotel I am staying at (although if you are following me on Insta- ila030, I may happen to spam it ..), The Regent Berlin, which is a stonethrow from both Lafayette AND The Corner. Hello shopping heavnen!


posted on: Friday, July 12, 2013

Ok, I have had the perfectly crappy, disappointing end to the perfectly bad week.I guess we all have a couple of those (but do forgive my grumpy face). Anyways, I am not letting it ruin my day as my two-week well earned vacation starts today! I am kicking it in in the most lazy, relaxed outfit I think I have ever posted on the blog and am also flashing my newly bought Birkenstocks.
I tried to do this outfit with heels, but it just didn't feel quite right..Than I imagined it with the shoes I would prefer to be Celine (come on, the furry lining is just adorable), but I think I have enough Celine shoes in my wardrobe currently (read this: I would if I could) and the real Birkenstocks felt much rawer and edgier in the expression...And the price was more approximate to normal  too ;)
So, I bought them, and haven't taken them of since...
I will probably wear them tomorrow too as I am off to Berlin, and than Montenegro.
Really ready for that vacation of mine...

I am wearing Isabel Marant Alicia tunic, Rag&Bone jeans and Birkenstocks


posted on: Thursday, July 11, 2013

Some new pieces from my latest jewelry obsession Eddie Borgo. I love the masculinity and strength of his pieces,yet they always have a softer side to them, balancing the  contrast to the perfection. I think of pairing them with either all black outfit, or just with a crisp white shirt and blue jeans...

Helix link braclet and Zentih Cut cuff (mine is slightly slimmer) from Eddie Borgo


posted on: Wednesday, July 10, 2013

One maybe wonder if all the detailing at once could be too much, but don't let the randomness of detailing fool you, all pieces have been well curated and then put together. We are having some great weather here in Bergen currently so I am really using the opportunity to sport summer- gear.
Or actually I just wanted to wear all my favourite pieces at the same time and I must admit that I find the result fashion week worthy. I felt like I have nailed it down to the texting on the phone while somebody is taking ur pic.
Back to the outfit- I seriously love the skirt. I love the contrast of  sharp  tailoring, the very  hot split and the soft broidery anglaise. Which made it perfect match to my casual denim shirt that looks like it hasn't seen an iron for a while (however it actually is , the very same morning but...)
And do you notice the heels?? You know I have turned the heaven and earth in order to find them in yellow, and now thanks to the wonderful Marie from Blame it on Fashion I am officially holding these babies in my arms. I could travel all the way to London just to kiss her!
But tell me, what are your favourite summer pieces?

I am wearing vintage denim shirt, Stella Mccartney skirt, Saint Laurent bag, BlkDnm jacket ans Aquazzura heels or here.

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