posted on: Monday, April 29, 2013

1, I am in dire need of new leather jacket and this from BLK DNM is on my mind 2. Saint Laurent printed T 3. Dream overalls by Current/Elliott 4. A new pair of Ray Ban 5. Stella Mccartney perspex sandals 6. Looking for the new black purse and this Celine Blade has become a new obsession despite the size 7. Dior Vernis in 'Incognito'- the perfect rosy shade 8. as I mentioned these Lancome+Lanvin are  sticks full of happiness.


posted on: Sunday, April 28, 2013

I guess that Sunday's are perfect for this kind of easy dressing. I call it easy because everything down the grunge/rock/leather lane falls very naturally to me. Although I can't recall last time I on purpose ripped my jeans( 7th grade or so??). But a little tear here and there looked so fantastic in the  else rigorous denim by ACNE,and I can't even begin to tell you how overenthusiastic I am over my Dries shirt, seriously if anyone knows where I can get the burgundy one in organza plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz let me know. I haven't felt so pretty in something so easy in ages, which in turn turns on me 'hoarding' pathways....

I am wearing vintage leather jacket, H&M cardigan (mens) Dries Van Noten shirt, Acne jeans, Saint Laurent heels and by Malene Birger purse.


posted on: Saturday, April 27, 2013

I am not a sucker for pretty wrappings but this cute little makeover by Mr. Elbaz fro Lnacome just made me happy. Sometimes that is reason enough to try on a new mascara. Or maybe hoard a whole bunch of them when they arrive in store on 15 June...


Photocourtesy of

Great way to incorporate tender ruffles and embellished jeans. It really makes it 'street' but in such a great way. Not a big fan of neither trends but this photo is making me reconsider both


posted on: Friday, April 26, 2013

Now seriously how awesome aren't these?? The flare is so perfectly exaggerated that even the simplest outfit get the right dose of attitude. Kind of a into grunge/rock/backtotheroots outfits lately and these kind of details really adds something else to it. It gives me that timeless vibe, with a pop of something new.The caps is for the practical purpose - we have had so bad wind that I well...

Vintage leather jacket, Designers Remix sweater and ACNE jeans, the invisible boots are Stella Mccartney


posted on: Thursday, April 25, 2013

When a friend said to me two days ago that I was on Vogue: The editors eye I started trembling, and went all pale. Even  funnier was to coincidence of broadcasting the documentary some days after on a completely other channel, and me deciding to stay late and watch it.It may sound manuscripted to say that I forgot that maybe there is a photo of me in the documentary, but serioulsy I was carried away in all the flamboyant personalities and the creativity produced.
Anyways, there it was, amidst of the street style photos- I popped out,whilst Anna Wintour herself is talking about young women on the street being designer inspiration and that broadcasted not only on the national TV in Norway, but everywhere in the world.  I won't do all the OMG thing , but I think that this IS THE proudest moment of my life.Me shot by Phil Oh during LFW on The Editors Eye.
Thank you wonderful Marie Nord for tipping me off-the drinks are on me when in Oslo#


Look what UPS finally delivered! My Dries in da house.


The lunch-clutch from Jil Sander, slightly more affordable than Celine, but still badass, and kind of cute in pastels.
Thinking of getting the mint one, although I have a feeling I won't be carrying lunch in it.

Lunch clutch from JIl SANDER


posted on: Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New blazer is in da house!I have to admit that although I was tempted by the flashy printI hesitated a long time before actually buying it. But when I got to try the blazer I was completely sold, and a little discount at Vincci did help the decisive process of 'to buy or not to buy'. I liked it best paired with the skinnies and easy white accents just to make that green money print really stand out.
PS. Sorry for the grumpy face, the wind is currently blowing your hat and your underwear off, not easy smiling than.

 I am wearing ACNE Currency print blazer, Saint Laurent jeans, Aldo heels, Valentino bag and Acne sunnies.


posted on: Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Photocourtesy of L'Officel via FGR

Bleached denim and big hair. Never gets out of fashion and equally perfect everytime.


posted on: Monday, April 22, 2013

New on my feet and my shoerack is this gorgeous blue pair from ACNE in velvety suede. Love,love, love the color!

SLippers from ACNE


posted on: Sunday, April 21, 2013

Abusing new already distressed jeans, which seems to be stressing them more as they got extra ripped throughout the day, which in turn meant they were in even cooler.I am currently into chartreuse- light blue combo (something about that gets me feeling like it's summer) and some pops of color here and there.There s something 'California dreamin' about it, and this greyish weather we have had the past weeks has really gotten me into brights.


posted on: Saturday, April 20, 2013

Today we have had a little bit of a special event in Bergen, which was accompanied by great one-day-only discounts at the stores around town. I have literatury hoarded ACNE pieces (not intentional, but..) and although I am not a big fan of green these two were more than welcomed in my closet.
Perfect for spring!


posted on: Friday, April 19, 2013

Hello Acne jeans!These arrived with the mail today and I am head over heels for the flared raw denim. These pair from ACNE is just fantastic with the high waist, dark wash and so overdone bottom flare that you just have to love it. Perfect with the white T, seriously new fave in the jeans department.
And see what beautiful flowersI got yesterday from cutiepie Karn!


Cheers for the new beginnings, spring arriving and spring cleaning.I spent my time redecorating and here are the results!


posted on: Thursday, April 18, 2013

First signs of spring and I am already sporting open toe. I have been into dressing down and structured  lately and with still feeling kind of tired, everything with resemblance to PJ's  is currently high on the list (not letting go that trend so lightly). So, college sweater and baggy leather, are the most used items in my wardrobe currently. I love how the white cropped bomber goes with everything , giving the shoulders extra volume on the top and accentuating the waist.
Love those kind of details in garments.

Never Denim jacket, Designers Remix sweater, by Malene Birger pants,Alexander Wang heels, Balenciaga clutch and RayBan's.


posted on: Wednesday, April 17, 2013

If this picture doesn't smell like teen spirit, I don't know what does. 
Firmly decided to drown my sorrows related to the UPS NOT delivering my Dries shirt, in Coke and Pizza, I than realized that I was also wearing ripped denim jeans, and something about pizza-coke-bleacheddenim - reminded me of my early teens- warm summer nights spent with the best friends on the little wall outside our house or on the beach with grungy  and rock tunes chanting in the background.
No punch line at the end, but man I am thinking that I should have done Coachella this year.

Jeans from BikBok/Never Denim


posted on: Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I haven't been a good blogger I know, but I am seriously still feeling bad, so there is very limited amount of editing I can actually do. So late is my post that we were still wearing tights when we took these ( we are still into tights though but the thinner version for the spring). My obsession with everything doubblebreasted hasn't diminished and I am still borrowing Ch's. I recall us celebrating something but don't ask me what it was and my choice for the evening fell on ultra cool silver leather skirt and a pair of laceups.. Kind of a easy fave and it will look even better with bare legs when the spring is in full bloom.I surely can't wait!

I am wearing Acne blazer and sunnies, Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater, Fillipa K skirt,Aquazzura heels, Valentino bag, Georg Jensen watch and Cooee jewelry.


posted on: Monday, April 15, 2013

Simple styles and soft colors, kind of a into it right now. I finally got my claws into beige version of H&M Trend's peasant top (yes I have the black one to ;)) and my nails are going 'Incognito' - a beautiful fleshy pink from Dior. Spending my time relaxing and reading, hopefully I will be 100% soon.


posted on: Sunday, April 14, 2013

Not having the best time of my life I'll admit. Although I am not having fever anymore I still feel like I was hit by a truck (several times actually). But with such great events as my Ch and parents coming here for a weekend a little cafe tour was inevitable. I went for a comfy and simple look with my hair styled in very Celinesque way, plain shirt and my very much new jeans, with just a little details here and there. Since I have seen Diesel Black Gold's show I was obsessed with the belts around profoundly too long jeans and tucking them in safely in your shoes instead of altering them.S
Sporting the new obsession with these ankle strapped Marant's, I think it worked, I liked it very much so.

I am wearing vintage leather jacket, Saint LAurent Paris jeans, Fillipa K shirt, Isabel Marant heels, Celine sunnies and TheManual&Co bag.

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