posted on: Friday, May 31, 2013

How ya all doin beautiful?! I am having great time at Zalando summer Castle (yupp, it's not a house, it' s the castle) and here are some shots from the arrival day at Berlin. I traveled in a very simple outfit, but I have to say this has been a favourite of mine for quite sometime. The easy T, the black jeans and my new (oh yes, it has arrived and  have been dying to show u) Saint Laurent bag.
Here are some pics of the first day, and I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful it is here.
Wish u were l here ;)

I am wearing BLKDNM jeacket,Rag&Bone jeans, Cubus tee and Georg Jensen watch


posted on: Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wanted in white, ordered in black, got in burgundy with black vinyl true enough. Anyway they are beautiful so I am keeping them anyway!I'll admit this isn't the only pair of Celine shoes that arrived at casa Lakicevic-Sandven today.But I am off packing now (just arrived home give or take half an hour), stay tuned treats from Berlin tour will be arriving.;)

Shoes Celine, candle by A.P.C and house perfume from secondLove.


posted on: Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Me, in ripped jeans?? Bet yah didn't see that one coming! Or maybe you did, but hey, why fix it when it's not broken? Anyway, I think that I have found jeans that I will probably wear until I am 70, the ripped type( every possible fit), as long as they are as (de)stressed as I am right now.
 And what more can they possibly need that a simple T and a pair of kick a** shoes.
Nothing you say - I hear ya!
But back to the stressed subject, I haven't had time to pack for the Berlin trip and I still have tons of things to do and get done.So, instead of doing them the I am sitting her calmly and blogging about the stress as it proposes the problem for the future Irina.
Although, I should probably get back to work, right now, or in a  few seconds...

I am wearing BLKDNM leather jacket,Fillipa K tee, Never Denim jeans, Givenchy heels,Georg Jensen watch and  TheManual&Co purse.


posted on: Monday, May 27, 2013

Photocourtesy of my dear brother

So, slightly late on posting,but here is a little something something from the Saturday when lunching with my everhandsome bro. I was really looking forward to sporting this Celine piece, but somehow needed the right accessory, and this big with it's Celinesque cleanness definitely is all that.A pop of electric blue in form of Chanel Bel Argus nail-lacquer  to add the right amount of details and color.

I am wearing Celine leather top, Acne jeans, Angel Jackson bag, Georg Jensen watch, Cooee braclet and the ring is bought in Norway.


posted on: Sunday, May 26, 2013

Speaking about fall, how cute aren't these clutches from ACNE AW show?Totally obsessing about them.


Never thought I would be the one to post gingham and ruffles on a same page, but there is something about Prada's cut and styling this fall that makes it so hip and edgy.
It really looks like this Pasadena girl isn't to be messed with. Love the styling with the clean leather jacket and wet-eye look.
It even looks summer appropriate, so maybe I'll invest in one gingham shirt soon.


posted on: Saturday, May 25, 2013

I seriously can't believe that I was considering to sell this skirt. I mean, it is so badly ripped to the point of decency,but it really works so well with the currently ongoing grunge trend and hm,a longer leather jacket. What I love about this outfit is that the skirts provides the perfect cinched in waist which goes so well with the slightly oversized  more masculine shirt, creating a really cool silhouette.
Off to lunch with my bro, got-ta-go!
Have a great Saturday.

I am wearing BLKDNM leather jacket, Dries Van Noten shirt, ACNE ripped denim skirt and sunnies, Saint Laurent heels and Georg Jensen watch


posted on: Friday, May 24, 2013

50% off at Colette, yes please! Already bought Stella Mccartney resort 2013 dress that I have been drooling all over for eternity now, but unfortunately I missed the beautiful Dior scarf by a second.
God damn my slow fingers!What will you find?
PSST! There is a pair of Valentino snakeskin pumps on sale ;)


posted on: Thursday, May 23, 2013

As a child I was apparently obsessed with snakes.I still am, but in slightly less alive state...
No seriously,  away with the macabre humor. I really am obsessed with anything python, and when the DHL man rang on the door bringing this little beauty I felt my heart skip a beat.
It has the perfect boxy shape, beautiful, I really mean beautiful golden hardware ( and u all know how I feel about those!) and the leather is just (I am jumping from joy and am more or less speechless)!
Can't wait to sport it this weekend!

The perfect python from Angel Jackson


Photocourtesy of

OK, the Givenchy fall collection wasn't quite one of my favourites as just the gipsy look is slightly too much for me, but I can not deny that the darkly romance of it appealed to an old goth in me.No floral gipsy skirts will ever be seen in my closet but that ghastly Bambi sweater( I mean that in a good way)  and the more aprehansible plaid shirt are more than welcomed. Also the boots, I can already see them paired with my new MiH boyfriend jeans...


posted on: Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I have been anxious to show you the Acne top as a jacket and here it is! It is funny though how as a top- it has this sleek structured look, while when worn as a jacket it has very,and I mean very much Hedi Slimane for SaintLaurent look, doesn't it?I like HL for SL, if you catch my drift, although we can discuss the styling of his latest collection on the wide and broad I can't deny that I thought a lot of pieces were quite strong for themselves and I could easily see them in my closet.But now to much less entangling subject- nobody can deny that his first collection was -from the buyers point of view- fantastic.  And for a girl who knows most of the MM songs  and has more ripped boyfriend jeans than lipsticks, channeling HS girl wasn't that hard for me.
Once again not much into ruffles, but damn I love those sleeves!

I am wearing ACNE top,Rag&Bone jeans, H&M Trend blouse, Isabel Marant heels, byMaleneBirger bag and RayBAn's


posted on: Tuesday, May 21, 2013

And painting my nails simultaneously  So, although summer is just getting started the harsh reality is that the prefall is already hitting the stores. Which means it's time to buckle up and forget about the sun because while you are stretching your legs on the beach somebody is going to snap your fav pieces. Or at least that is my experience (I can't even begin to tell you how much stress it has caused me to get hold of Celine spring 2013 sandals- in May-  which is still spring, but everyone got sold out somewhere in March...However it seems that it will be sorted out thanks to Selfridges CS).
So, I have begun with sort of a ritual: when these two hit the shelves  I get both, look through collections, write down thoughts and comments and circle my favourite pieces (this part of the process can involve stretching on the beach). Then I read editors notes, and try to incorporate all this in, well my own style.So, what I like about this method is that it gives you some time to digest the collections and impressions, so that you don't end up buying the cool eyectaching pieces which end up in the closet catching only dust (once again, from experience)...And woop! some light reading and you are prepared for whatever comes up during the season, python boots, stripes, plaid, without actually stressing about it.


Photocourtesy of Styleby/ElinKling

Speaking about the shirts I am also looking for the denim one as well, it should be slightly stiff and sharp but tham again not to western- thing going on. I'll say it again, when it comes to shirts it's all about the attitude.


posted on: Monday, May 20, 2013

Ok, I am usually not the one to post gazillion halflength pictures of herself but all of these turned out so great I couldn't choose. It is like being in a photo booth where you gate 8 pics and well, you save all of them as fab memory.No seriously, besides the bad headache crawling in, I have had great time with Karn from Urban Auburn, it was like a  bloggers playdate, talking about Paris, shoes and surgery (as we both seem to have a prefarance for the scalpel). But back to my outfit, (I am also trying to show off some color I got during these couple of days) I have been wanting to team this two for quite some time now, but the weather never allowed it. Then suddenly I got the chance, and boy I took it.The fav band tee (still taken from me bro and never returned) and a high slit leather skirt,pop of color here and there,a lirrorized sunnies and well, what is there not to like?

Have a great day my fab readers!

I am wearing vintage Iron Maiden T, by Malene Birger skirt, Marc Jacobs purse, Saint Laurent heels and Carrera sunnies.


posted on: Sunday, May 19, 2013

Photocourtesy of VogueParis

OK, Vogue Paris had more or less just landed in Norway (yupp, slightly later than everywhere else)
and the beautiful Miss Vogue editorial- Calm Blanc got me thinking of white shirts, as my closet is currently deprived of all but one- a litle piece from Celine.
However finding the perfect white shirt, that has the right attitude, the right cut and slouch and the right cotton blend can be tricky task, but I have this Dries thing from their aw 13/14 on my mind. 
That shirt seems to have it all.

Photocourtesy of


My fantastic GIvenchy from some nights ago. Finally got to wear sandals and my favourite combo is with some good old ripped jeans.

NEO 90'S

posted on: Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy 17 May all my dear Norwegian readers!Hope everyone has had a fab celebration of the Constitution day, I on my part am relaxing in Kristiansand and trying to gather as much energy as possible for the upcoming hectic season ahead. I have been waiting for the better weather to sport my Balmain, but although the temperatures are rising it's still dark and gloomy.
When it comes to my what I wores this noe 90's is still on my mind, the ripped jeans, the boxy sweaters- the only thing that is 2013 is the splash of color here and there.Come to think of it colors weren't really the 90's were they?

I am weraing Balmain sweater, Never Denim jeans, Louboutin heels, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and BlkDnm jacket.

Have a great weekend


posted on: Thursday, May 16, 2013

I have had silk PJ look-a-like blouses on my mind lately. Actually I have had these two blouses on my mind to be exact. I have mentioned the fantastic Norwegian brand FWSS earlier (and the orange beanie everyone has been asking about which I wore under LFW in February is well, FWSS) but these blouses have become more like an obsession. I am thinking boyfriend jeans and white pumps and the perfect easy, straight-out-of-bed-looking-fabulous looks is done! Can't wait til it hits the stores.


I have been considering hot Betty in black for a while now, but at the end couldn't commit as it wasn't the 'one'. However that didn't stop me from getting it in red with the silver chain...

Betty in red by Saint Laurent


posted on: Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I am back!Sorry for the little blogging last couple of days, but my darling was supposed to leave today for 2 months in the course of his work, so we have been trying to spend as much time as possible together  However, that doesn't mean I have been on the lazy side when it comes to the outfits and here is a little something something that I wore yesterday when we were out dining.
Those who follow me on Insta (yet again: ila030) have seen this little suede treasure from ACNE on the day it arrived, but this was the first day I have been sporting it to an actual event. I love that it it made in this stift nubuck kind of leather which gives the perfect structure to the ruffled sleeves and makes the completely open back slightly (yup, just slightly) less provocative.I just looooove how the slit works with the high-waisted denim which I currently swear to. And the best thing well, you can wear it as jacket to.
I am also sporting my new Carrera's which have become got-to sunnies for the time being....

I am wearing ACNE Valarie top, BLKDNM jeans 8, Saint Laurent heels, Marc Jacobs purse and Carrera sunnies.


posted on: Monday, May 13, 2013

I have been completely blown out by Sportmax SS13 collection, the sport/futuristic vibe mixed with traditional knitwear, the clean lines and lots, and I mean lots of whites,made this  of my fav got-to- for-a street-chic collection. I have to give a shout out to My-wardrobe for currently having  the best selection of Sportmax runaway pieces.


posted on: Saturday, May 11, 2013

Parts of paycheck already gone n this suede beauty from ACNE. I justify it with the fact that it can be worn as both the jacket and a backless top.Two in one.


Loving the fact that Freja is back in the fashion picture makina  the grand entrance with the Vogue Paris cover and as a new face of Saint Laurent. But back to the subject of clothes how awesome isn't the blazer on the first pic?

Have  a  great Saturday my dear readers!


posted on: Friday, May 10, 2013

So it looks like the the reference du season is 90's, or at least for my part.And in that spirit Acne's MUSIC tank top from their 'The Wrecking Ball' collection is an item you just can't come around without, although it's  a pity they don't have the grey one in cotton too. On that 90's matter I have to say that I am quite proud that I am starting to have quite a collection of ripped jeans in the closet, now I am just trying to find a perfect white shirt to channel my 90's supermodel mood.
But back to referances, another theme going on is the 60's, but which one do you prefer?

(P.S Sorry for the grainy photos, Bergen has been so dark and gloomy...)

I am wearing BLKDNM jacket (kind of obvious, but seriously I would get one in every possible color...),ACNE jeans and top, Saint Laurent pumps and TheManual&Co bag

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