posted on: Friday, August 31, 2012

OK!So here are my picks!
Now, I didn't want to choose some outrageously cool in-the-moment pieces.
 I ended up with a garments that I could update my fall/winter weardrobe with and that will be in my closet for (I would like to think  is) ages.
A statment jacket  from Etoile Isabel Marant ( in my fall colorobsession: army green! ).
It goes  superb with leather skirts, pants, jeans, shirts, tee - well you get the point! I haven't got it, yet I already love it!!!
Supercool heels from Isabel Marant that I have had cravings for. Seriously my type of shoe , from tip to the heel and the studs.  The Stella Mccartney skirt, which I don't think even needs explenation (I will pair  it with a white shirt and the jacket above or the sweater when the temperature drops!)
And the last, but not least - Etoile Isabel Marant sweater that I can't wait to wear!
So all in all - this was much wished fall weardrobe update,  I can mix and match, and sure will be abusing this fall.
Seriously can't wait for them to arrive!

Once again I can't thank Net-a-porter enough!!!


PS. Have a great weekend folks!


Sometime ago I was contacted by Net-a-porter to inform me that I have been chosen as the winner of the 'Best Dressed Facebook Fan' competition - which was -at the time- complitely un-beli-avable!
Really, it was such an honor for me to be chosen amongst all the people who submitted their photos and looks on the world wide basis.
(Pictured above is the winning outfit.)
Even more so, when I found out that the prize was an outfit chosen by myself within the prize budget.!!!!
The whole outfit from net-a-porter for free!
To say that I spent hours surfing trying to decide is a slight understatment, but finnaly I manged it (believe it or not!!)
I'll post my hot picks later on today!
For those who wander :  Mccartney and Marant are a little hint!


posted on: Thursday, August 30, 2012

I am off to warmer place than Bergen is currently -thus the skirt!

I am wearing Fillipa K silver leather skirt, Alexander Wang sweater, Manual purse and Armani sunnies


Photo courtesy of Vogue Russia

A most of my fab readers has noticed I have been obsessed with black and white photos for a while now. Love, love the casual white shirt and oversized pants!
if it wasn't raining - this is how I would roll today!


posted on: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The unmistakable scent of fall is already merging with the last rays of summer sun. At some point wearing a tee and a jacket stopped beeing enough here (that's why I am off to Kristiansand - to catch  more of the summer!)
I still haven't updated my fall weadrobe- or packed out sweaters and knits,so I am going for a good classic - jeans and a shirt.topped with a leathere jacket.

I am wearing Fillipa K shirt, Muuba jacket, Diesel jeans, Louboutin heels and Marc Jacobs purse


posted on: Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall update in 1-2-3: Rounded glasse, lace heels, dark lip, lace shoes and yes.headbands are back! But, who can resist them when they are as pretty as at 'Dolce & Gabbana' ?


Photocourtesy of FashionGoneRogue

Temperature has been falling drasticly in Bergen, so my thoughts are slowly wandering to the fall and weardrobe updates. I really love that the gothic trend is back and is one of the styles I will be channeling in the near future-or probably sooner.
The key piece? A leather choker, or maybe lace?


posted on: Monday, August 27, 2012

Photo courtsey of Alexander Wang and Colmbine Smile

There is something so undeniabli cool about turtleneck over half of your face. I really can't put a finger on it, but I am loving the trend (maybe becuase the eyes just pop out?! and you can hide a zit or two ...)
I will be investing in Alexander Wang preforated turtleneck, and wera it with a sleevless tee, or a dress. Can't wait till they hit the stores!


posted on: Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ok, this peplum trend has beein going on for sometime. as I am slightly pearshaped the peplum really isn't made for my type of body but I have been sporting a smaller version of it. I paired it with a ' Rollling Stones' tee which I 'borrowd' from my brother just to make it a little less girly and little more me.
Yellow obsession hasn't given in, so yellow nails and bag are slightly a must.

I am wearing Rolling Stone tee, Bruuns Bazaar skirt, Alexander Wang heels and Marc Jacobs purse. Sunnies are Chanel.

PS Thank for the great evening yesterday, and fantastic presents!


posted on: Saturday, August 25, 2012


posted on: Friday, August 24, 2012

Now, I didn't have much time to snap the outfits lately but here is a little snappshot of what I have been wearing this week. As you can see I am keeping it casual, with a hint of  'Dirty Dancing' (that hint being highwaisted blue denim and crisp white shirt tied in knot).
Here paired with Zara heels and Marc Jacobs yellow bag.
I have also been obsessed with yellow nails lately so it has been kind of a thing the last couple of weeks...


You are looking at my birthday present! Also my first pair of Louboutins. I am sp happy that I finnaly own them that I could jump through the roof!(For all audience: DO not try this at home!)
They are supercool on, with a propper amount of cute and outrageous!
Oh, so, so inlove!

Modell is called Pollock 100mm.


posted on: Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photo courtsey of

Now, I would reallu like to wrap myself in the bold blue for fall and those lavishing skirt and dresses. I have been starring into this collection for hours and there is sooooooo much I want!
But I think I'll strat with the blue mascara and work my way upwards through the budget.!


posted on: Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Photo courtesy of: Sara Strand

For quite sometime I have been obsessed with Sara's looks- she does efortless chic so, so well.


Photo courtesy of Vogue UK via TrendLand

This is how I want to roll this winter- leather head to toe.


posted on: Monday, August 20, 2012

Look at my new supercool italian leather red cowboy boots?! I seriously have to say that I have never thought I would be wearign a pair. I did play with the thought after seeing Arizona Muze in them, but all the other shoes were of higher priorite, so I never actually considered them for real.
Anyways funny story of how I got those : My borther was on Interrail last month and wanted to get me something. He liked the boots but didin't know my size, so with the help of the store employes and out of my aproximate hight he bought me a pair. And the size actually fitted 100%!
The laether is the softest buttery thing in scuffed dark red. 
Natural choice was pairing it with jeans and a tee for the Sunday we spent stroling around Bergen and window shopping.
(P.S I think taht this has has at least 7 years in it, that's another thing I got from my borther when I moved to Bergen yeaars ago now...)

I am wearing Donna Piu boots, Diesel jeans and Iron Maiden tee


The september issuesof my favourite magazines are here and my way to indulge in it is with morning coffe by the diningin table and my (read currently my borthers)laptop nearby.
Breakfast is kind of my time of.


posted on: Sunday, August 19, 2012

This cute from Surface to Air at LOT333 is on my winter wish list. It looks so cozy and waaaaaarm.

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