posted on: Sunday, June 30, 2013

SO, a little on-the-go photo of my vest, since many of you said that they have been looking forward to see me wear it. I'll admit I can't wait to pair it with the skirt, however although the weather isn't giving me that option currently I still loved how it paired with the oversized, bleached jeans.
Definitely one of my favourite pieces and a new wardrobe staple (it looks mildly said awesome underneath a coat too, I've tried it ;))and is a perfect piece to give that xtra something to every look.
Fun thought- everytime I look a the vest I can hear Michael Jackson's song 'BAD' playing in my head... XD
Happy Sunday!

Proenza Schouler python vest, MiH Phoebe jeans (now on sale ;), Cubus tee, Celine heels and Carrera sunnies. 


posted on: Saturday, June 29, 2013

1. CAn't decide about this Saint Laurent blouse!Yay or nay? What do you think dear readers??
2. This found it's way into my closet last week- a Proenza Schouler python vest!That was a definite yay!
3. Sporting my new Panda loafers from Jimmy Choo and 4. Have u noticed that I cut my hair?

Have a great weekend everyone!


posted on: Friday, June 28, 2013

I don't wear a lot of jewelry, and when I do it has to be something I fell head over heels for.
Eddie Borgo's collections both for men and women have become my latest obsession. With his helixes, chokers and link cuffs I find the designes so compelling that I ended up with these two on sale.
Can't wait for them to arrive!

You can find Small Zenith Cuff here and Medium Supra Link Bracelet here


posted on: Thursday, June 27, 2013

So, the rain has been pouring on and off for the last couple of days, and instead of stressing because of the lack of the proper summer I have adopted wet hair-don't care attitude.Although I have to say that I love summer rain, we have even had some thunder (Ottilie!) it can put a downer on the elsewise happy, cheery summerfeel.
The gray clouds rolling in were contrasted by my quite sunny and very so cloud- free outfit, all blue skies and sunshines- or in my case a boyfriend shirt and a Marc Jacobs. My favourite go to outfit when I am in rush, or just not in the mood for doing anything more complicated- the cropped skinnies, oversized shirt and pointed pumps. Can't go wrong

I am wearing Ch's Samsøe&Samsøe shirt(similar here), Isabel Marant Etoile jeans, Marc Jacobs purse, Cooee jewelery and Georg Jensen watch (men's). The heels are Louboutin


posted on: Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I have been looking forward to using this leathery Acne piece for a while now, and now seems like the perfect temperatures to sport it. I guess summer is skipping Norway this year around, but as long s I can sport skirts and bare legs I am more than happy.Although I have to say that I would love to pair the skirt with a proper denim vest, the oversized denim jacket is second best thing.
And the Celine mules aren't leaving my feet for the time being- and this is what u get a Celineesque vibe with the Phoebe Philo going to a rock bar.great outfit to sped lazy days in.

I am wearing ACNE Starlet skirt, Acne men's denim jacket, Celine mules and scarf, Fillipa K tee, RayBan sunnies, Georg Jensen watch ,Cooee braclet and TheManual &Co purse


posted on: Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'll admit, sales have been treating me nicely this time around. Just look at what the wonderful DHL peeps brought right to my door step. A pair of slightly psychedelic slippers from the fantastic Pruitt+Choo colab( where post people have the right and wrong on their shoulders, I carry it on my feet) and  what I regards is  a perfect summer shirt from my absolutely fav bloke at the moment mr. Hedi Slimane ,which looks drop dead hot with a pair of cutoffs.Imagining wearing all the above mentioned and sipping pina colada somewhere and reading.

Slippers by Jimmy Choo and Shirt from Saint Laurent.


posted on: Monday, June 24, 2013

Photocourtesy of

One word: love. Every time I think that the Saint Laurent ads can't get any better, Hedi Slimane pulls a trick ups his sleeve and this is what comes out if it.Pure perfection, that is. I love the rock vibe,the sexappeal and the strong femme that he has brought back to the table. It has been sorely missed.


posted on: Sunday, June 23, 2013

I know you are not used to seeing me in a proper girly dress, but hey, I did throw a leather biker jacket over it. So, idea of owning a 'summer dress' striked me a year or so ago when I read the article beautiful Laura Baily wrote for the British Vogue. It may sound weird as, well, the dress is really an all -year-rounder and there is nothing groundbreaking on wearing a dress in the summer, but that is not it.
It is more about owning one dress (ok, for the addicted two) that summarizes summer: the warmth, the good memories, the music and laughter.The feeling of lying on the grass or running around the festival ground. It is like you can experience all those things all over again by just looking at this particular piece.
This for me is THIS dress: the perfect shade of blue, a little untraditional lace detail, the almost military precision tailored shirt.Pop of color here and there and a leather biker, and I have added my edge to it.

Have a lovely Sunday peeps!

I am wearing Stella Mccartney dress, BLKDNM leather jacket, Marc Jacobs purse, Louboutin heels and Carrera sunnies.


posted on: Saturday, June 22, 2013

Photocourtesy of Self Service Magazine via FGR

LOVE the editorial featuring Anja Rubik for Self Service Magazine, but than again I love everything Anja does. Come to think of it, she was my hair inspiration before I chopped piece of it off .


Phoitocourtesy of
I woke up this morning and felt a sudden urge to go through all the resort collections. It sounds silly, yet I have been sitting like compelled by the laptop for nearly two hours, writing, reviewing and arguing with myself.  It's funny though, looking through the collections and finding my usual favourites in the likes of Chloe, Theysken's , The Row I found myself falling head over heels for Marc Jacobs,
Like the prettiest Scandinavian editorial (that Is what it reminds me of anyway) and with some unexpected twist on the somewhat typical silhouette I was very inspired.


posted on: Friday, June 21, 2013

So my dear readers,I'll admit that instead of being a good blogger I have been popping by sales in Bergen and (a good word is hoarding)trying to be as sensible as possible when it comes to this art of shopping.
I used the warmer temperatures to sport my new goods bought in London. Although it definitely wasn't my intent, the top and the shoes match despite the fact they are referencing two completely different fashion of the 90's. Anyways, now I regret not buying several more Dries pieces as Selfridges being such a big fan of their collection and realizing that are so easily coordinated with most of the things in my closet... Oh, well, maybe next time ;)

I am wearing Dries Van Noten top, ACNE jeans, Celine heels and Carrera sunnies,and the infamous leather jacket from BLKDNM


posted on: Thursday, June 20, 2013

And this is what I brought home! No seriously, I think that I could buy those vinyl Celine in every single version possible, I seriously love them so much. But back to business, yesterday me and my newly found style crush- the designer back the fantastic Norwegian brand FWSS, Nina, visited CSM showcasing their young talents. AND it has been such a delight to be a part of all that creative energy and talent.It is in a way very strange beeing able to see the products in which a creator pours his soul and more into( due to understandable reasons cameras weren't allowed so unfortunately no pictures).
Anyways, I poped buy Selfridges for a little shopping trip before heading back to Bergen, and showed some serious amount of restraint when  bought just these two pieces. And even the weather in Bergen is decently nice for me to wear them right away.

Top by Dries Van Noten and heels by Celine


posted on: Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hi peeps!It looks like I am having a little Elin Kling during NFW moment here.
 I am off to London tomorrow and I have been  in the 'closet full, nothing to wear' state of mind.
That is, until I popped by Vincci in Bergen (you know, the big shiny store in Bergen full to the roof with all my favourite designers!) and got my self a last seasons Celine silk scarf- that I have been wanting for months now. I paired it easily with white T. highwaisted jeans- and although you can't see it my bright pink Nike's. Love it, comfy enough to run around London, yet cool enough (well, it is still a Celine scarf we are talking about) to do a day in the city. Stay tuned on Insta for the photos. ;)

I am wearing BLKDNM leather jacket (similar here  and here), Fillipa K white tee, BLKDNM jeans (similar here), Celine scarf ad RayBan Wayfarer.


posted on: Monday, June 17, 2013

There is no doubt about 1920's being my favourite epoque, prior to 'Midnight in Paris' and 'The Great Gatsby' , the drop waist, the flapper style, and especially the menswear elements have always been in my wardrobe. Which made me fall head over heels for the Sportmax knitted vest that had that 1920's tennis-wear vibe. To be honest I think these kind of tennis vests are quite difficult to come across as they are always full of logos, and the fit can be a tricky thing.But than I spotted this one and wopp, I had to have it.
I just love how this type of knit works with the bleached relaxed denim and these from MiH (I actually recommended these particular pair on GlamCanada) were the perfect match for that easy, summer style. Pumps and a pair of aviators, and one of may favourite looks for the summer is complete.

I am wearing Sportmax knitted vestMiH Jeans, Saint Laurent black pumps and Ray Ban aviators that I borrowed from a friend.

Happy Monday peeps!


posted on: Sunday, June 16, 2013

My hormones have been running a little wild lately which lead to a really bad breakout that I couldn't seem to get under control.But than again, I have always had very sensitive skin.
 A friend of mine talked so warmly about the Origins products that although I am sceptical to trying on new things and have always stuck to my routine care- I decided to give it a go.
Now- a month later, my skin has finally stabilized, pores have tightened and my skin has this healthy glow that I am very sure it didn't before.The thing I really love about all of these ( although I use serum  just on specific places) is that they are age-defense but without being heavy and grease, which is  a perf combo if you like me have problematic skin, but the daily stress has started to leave traces here and there.

Origins Zero Oil Tonic, Origins A Perfect World with White Tea Serum, Origins A Perfect World Age Defense MOisturizer and Origins Make A Difference Night Gel

Have a happy Sunday lovely!


posted on: Saturday, June 15, 2013

In courtesy of Vogue Russia

I am currently at the end of my batteries and my mind more and more wanders towards the sunny beaches and pleasantly unbearable temperatures.Still in the process of planning but in a month or so, my pale, pale limbs will finally catch some sun. Wouldn't mind taking any of these beauties in my suitcase...


posted on: Thursday, June 13, 2013

...Or just cocktail hour, it doesn't have to be dark to wear heels. Anyways, I have to admit that I have been going for a  more laid back style lately, which definitely doesn't include heels (or at least not at 6am). However, from time to time I am right from work and off to a launch or cocktails and so my daydrobe and the event have to correspond-which is quite easily done with a pair of heels and a blazer.Masculine style slippers for the day and some hotness for the evening. You know how much I love bleached distressed denim and this shorts is so my summer favourite. I warn you, you will be seeing a lot of it!
Have  a great day lovely readers, weekend is just around the corner.

I am wearing ACNE Jinx blazer, Cubus tee, Never Denim cut offs (by me), Marc by Marc Jacobs purse, ACNE loafers and Saint Laurent heels.


posted on: Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rain is back in Bergen, so no summer today, but hey, I have my woolen leopard to keep me warm. And in the case  you are wondering whether I'll get the pandaflats, well,yes! ;)

Heel and jeans Saint Laurent, sweater is by Stella Mccartney.


posted on: Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jimmy Choo with panda included. Can not not love them, it has swag written all over.Now, the only one question remains,should I??


So, a  little preview of today's outfit, but if you bare with me and my crazy week start I will try to edit and upload full outfit photos.I am so excited to show it to you as this outfit is going with me to MFW, no doubts about that. A perfect summer combo.

The blazer is ACNE (now on sale here), the cut offs from my Never Denim jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs Karlie, Georg Jensen watch (men's) and Cooee silver cuff


posted on: Monday, June 10, 2013

Photo Courtesy of Elle Mexico 

Love, love love this editorial with cute Coco Rocha featuring the right amount of chillaxed style that I would love to wear right now.The messed up grunge, the flats, and yet so polished are right down my moodlane today. My tired but is off to bed now, had a bit crazy day today.


posted on: Sunday, June 9, 2013

So, today I am completely in the mood for the easypeasy styling, but then again Sundays are made for this kind of thing, right? We have had quite so unstable 'summer' here so far, so this kind of jeans/breezy blouse combo is perfect for those chillier days and evenings( yet also works fantastically with the denim cutoffs).What I love about something as easy is all the hardwear details popping out here and there, on the shoes, the jacket and the purse. It really gives the outfit that little something discreet extra.
 Anyways, now I am off to grab a coffee and just stroll around, hopefully catch a movie later on.

I am wearin H&M Trend peasent blouse, BLKDNM jacket, Saint Laurent jeans, Isabel Marant heels and byMaleneBirger purse

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