posted on: Monday, September 30, 2013

 Photocourtesy of Stockholm StreetStyle (Thank you D&C for snapping me outside Chloe!)

SO, I have been little absent from blog recently however very,very hectic fashion week is to blame. I have to say that Paris has been treating me amazing. We have the cutest little room on the top of La Pradey overlooking parisian rooftops and Jardin des Tuileries. It was quite an experience waking up in all white room this morning with the first rays of sun reaching out throughout the curtains, so that just seconds after rain started pouring.
Anyhow, back to my outfit. I got this Suno shirt from My-wardrobe on Friday and it has been love at first sight.I love the mix of masculine stripes and delicate embroidery, I like even more how well colors are put together and how the fit is as perfect as a women's shirt can get. I also love it's versatility and how well it goes with something so unthinkable as the varsity jacket (that I got here and it is on sale;)And not to mention the leather pants on top of it. If I had to choose my favoruite fashion week outfit, this would be it. A perfect mix of everything for my part.

I am wearing American College jacket (here), Suno shirt, by Malene Birger leather pants, Saint Laurent heels, Marc Jacobs bag, Georg Jensen watch and Cooee bracelet.


posted on: Saturday, September 28, 2013

When autumn decide to kick in Bergen it did so without rain and wind. The weather has been so fantastic over here that I even got a chance to sport bare legs although with the coat over. I have been in the mood for easy parisian rockchic lately and pairing simple thin knitted sweaters with leather and masculine details.I don't know if you remember when I got this Zara skirt in London a week or two ago, but I have almost not been taking it of lately. I love it's simple cut and very Saint Laurent details (without the Saint Laurent price to go with it) and the fact that it is completely un-hemd, just plainly cut of.The same goes for the H&M dress, once again cut of, no hem. I think there is something so hot about unfinished garments, or rather the rawness of it. It is like adding a detail you don't need to think that much about. Throw a masculine coat over it (this one is amazing right?) just to tone things down foa a day time, and woop of to a Saturday lunching!

I am wearing H&M dress, Zara leather skirt, Vanessa Bruno coat, Saint Laurent bag,Isabel Marant heels, Georg Jensen, Cooee and Eddie Borgo jewelry.


posted on: Friday, September 27, 2013

Photocourtesy of Vogue British

Leather pants with laces alongside the leg with skinny fit signed Isabel Marant for H&M. Do I need to say more?
Seriously, how are we supposed to wait until mid-November to get our hands on what is probably the most fantastic colab H&M has ever done (ok I am also still a big Margiela fan)??


posted on: Thursday, September 26, 2013

Photocourtesy of Tommy Ton for

Yours truly has been featured on during LFW on well,(and I say in the most humble way possible) whole three occasions.One of my favourite outfits during LFW was this unusal combo of bare midriff paired with the Preen jacket that really caused a press stir, and outfit popping up everywhere from British Vogue to WHoWhatWear.
SO I was very inspired by the Rodarte's clever coverup when wearing a croptop-the shirt buttoned at a collar and the London temperatures seemed to be right on spot for trying it on. 

I am wearing Preen Tartan Jacket, Acne Pop jeans, Ralph Lauren shirt, MiuMiu croptop, Bjørg ring,Celine heels and Saint Laurent purse. 



 Photocourtesy of

90'S referance has been perpetually threading all over the ss14, which is definitely  a not bad thing if you are into a mix of grunge and a hint of Clueless. Which I totally am. So, can you imagine my facial expression when first Balmain pics landed on (luckily it was a mid in my lunchbreak, so no awkward patient/dentist moment)  . The hundstooth bombers, the denim overalls, the very recognizable Balmain booties and golden chokers was spot on what I want to wear.


Photocourtesy of

When the first look of Wang for Balenciaga ss14 rolled in I knew it was going to be a milestone in Balenciaga<3Wang history.I will admit I wasn't thrilled by the previous collections-they were good, but they never seemed to make my blod boil or heart skip a beat. But for ss14 there is only one word.Epic. Or actually one sentence that made my love's heart skip a couple of beats, when we were talking on the phone: I want it all!


posted on: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I have been thinking of buying this velvety Acne coolness for quite some time now, but it is first when I bought this cool-cat coat  I started obsessing about the whole blu velvet/grey tweed combo thing.
So, I decided to get it at the nearby Acne store, which proved to be very useful as the rain started pouring very unexpectedly today.(at least I had my sunnies with me...)
 There is something that looks so good about these textures together and the very hip electric blue against the traditional tweed fabrics, that i can't seem to get of my mind. Now, I know I shouldn't be wishing for the colder weather as I think we will have plenty opportunities for that later during the season but who can blame me for wanting two sport these two...?

Vanessa Bruno coat that you can find here and Acne Blue Velvet caps


posted on: Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Got back from Italy yesterday and I am still under the more-is-more influence that dominates the streets of sunny Milan.I love the fact that italian opulence has taken the rockchic turn this season.
So, in that spirit, I was wearing all the french-chic staples at once today: the biker leather, the pop of leopard, the red details and even patent pumps to top it all. I love how the vintage blue wash of my new Acne Pop works with the slightly beigy leopard sweater. AND how this amazing leather jacket works with probably pretty much anything I have in my closet (the other day I wore it under the coat...) Easy, peasy, from me today anyway, but the week has just started!
To all of you wandering when will I pop by Paris- see you all there on Sunday!

I am wearing BLKDNM leather jacket, Stella McCartney sweater, Acne Pop jeans, Saint Laurent Betty and Paris pumps, RayBans, watch from Georg Jensen and jewelry by Cooee.


posted on: Monday, September 23, 2013

If you follow me on what I have heard is my very mysteriously nicknamed  Instagram account you know that A LOT has happened lately. From attending Marni show,Moscino party to  eating what is probably the best tiramisu in the world,everything is well documented under the nickname ila030. Check it out for a curated selection of insta-life-happenings.


posted on: Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hi peeps! Sorry for the longest absence ever, but I got a really bad flu right after LFW which led to the worst flight to Milano in my life, and three days in hotelbed instead of enjoying sunny weather. But yesterday was the first day I could function and I got to see some amazing shows like Ermano Scervino and Roberto Cavalli. I will admit that was pretty good one. But, while we wait for the photos from Milan to pop up here and there here is little something that I  wore in London.
One of my favourite combos for the time being actually. I love the Baudelaire sweater by Ostwald Helgason and the little lace detail  on the skirt. Paired with a touch of leopard and red just to give that little extra.

Wearing BLK DNM jacket, Ostwald Helgason sweater, Vanessa Bruno skirt, Celine heels, Saint Laurent bag and RayBans


posted on: Thursday, September 19, 2013

No Zara in Bergen, not so keen on ordering online, so London was the perfect arena to pop by their store and maybe find some pieces I have been wanting since I saw their AW Lookbook. 
For the record I bought the dress in size L, so that it is properly oversized and loose fitting. The skirt is real buttery leather that you wouldn't believe it is a Zara find...!
Anyways love them both, and if I wasn't sick( sick and off to Milan, yay for me!!) I would sport them right away!


posted on: Wednesday, September 18, 2013

OK, I have been wanting to take some pics of the outfits I have been wearing during LFW, you know do the proper outfit posts and everything, but the pouring rain in Bergen and general lack of time hasn't made that very easy.
Anyhow, I have been so lucky( and very much honored) that some wonderful streetstyle photographers have snapped me here and there and I have these great pictures to show you. 
The outfit I wore on the day 4 of LFW at Christopher Kane show

Me and  Charlotte in courtesy of Vogue Paris

I am wearing FWSS sweater, BLK DNM jacket (similar here and the black one here), Christopher Kane skirt, Marc Jacobs purse, Acne sunnies, Louboutin heels.

Thank you all for the wonderful coverage!


posted on: Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hello from Bergen dear readers! I arrived home late last night and went straight to bed and off to work today. I keep you updated on the outfit post as soon as I am back from work, but for now there are some wonderful streetsnaps I wanted to show you.
One of my favorites is this by Adam Katz Sinding for WMagazine featuring me,and my favourite gals Marie and Charlotte on our way from Topshop Unique.
I am wearing Proenza Schouler snakeskin vest, Ostwald Helgason sweater, Rag&Bone jeans and Prada heels.


posted on: Sunday, September 15, 2013

So....It has been veeeery hectic here for the last couple of days and I will admit that the weather hasn't been serving us here in London. Which is more or less fine as I got to sport all of my favourite outerwear :BLKDNM leather jackets,  by Malene Birger pink coat aaaand my all-time favorite Proenza Schouler vest. After doing some street snaps in front of Mulberry today, we (me and Charlotte from The Fashion Guitar ) had a date with Selfridges and the Prada store....Which turned out to be highly productive as I went out  with these on my feet ;)

Heels by Prada


posted on: Saturday, September 14, 2013

SO, busy, busy, busy for the time being. Doing all sorts kind of thing at LFW, seating at the shows, standing at the shows,coming late to the shows and even changing twice a day! You can all follow all the fuss via my Insta (ila030), but while waiting for the proper outfit photos, I thought I could show you what is in my travelers tote. First :I travel a lot, so my carryall is just an inexpensive big nylon thing, that I don't stress about if I can put it on the floor or not. Second: I always have my Tempur pillow with me (which allows me to slip basically anywhere). further on you can see a pair of headset, and I usually don't listen to music, but noise-canceling tech is a Godgiven gift to the travelers who like to sleep in piece. Other than that we have some basic, a Mac, sunnies, deodorant, some make up (I really don't recommend mascara on longer flights...) and notary.

Ready, set, go!

RayBan sunnies, Chanel cremeblush, Clinique Chubbystick, CC cream, Moleskin notary, Tempur pillow and Day Birger et Mikkelsen carryall.


posted on: Thursday, September 12, 2013

Some things that have been on my mind lately and some things I have been so obsessed with that I have to get them as soon as the paycheck landed ;)

1. Ostwald Helgason Baudelaire sweater 2. Gianvitto Rossi boots 3. Helmut Lang- World without Men  4. YSL in Sepia (I swear to YSL Nail Lacquer)  5.Vanessa Bruno skirt 6. IPhone case from The Case Factory and 7. Lara Bohnic stacking rings


posted on: Wednesday, September 11, 2013

 Looking drop- dead tired on the photos, but let's not focus on that right now...  I have been thinking on signature looks lately and besides the one from couple of days ago, this has to be the 2nd one. The checked oversized skirt, the cool leather mini and some unexpected heels, and ther you have me,
Grabbing every single opportunity I have to wear sandals and easy shirt, as it looks very grey on the forecast from this point on. (Not that I am complaining as I have already in the midst of fall/winter wardrobe prepp, and there are some pretty amazing pieces waiting to be worn, like this skirt, or this coat) :)
Also, I am packing for London and getting things ready and going, lucky to attend some bery awesome shows ;)

C u there!

P.S Those me+Lara Bohinc photos are up and flourishing the internet. Check them out here!

I am wearing Dries Van Noten shirt, E.K for Guess skirt, Celine vinyl sandals, Saint Laurent bag, Georg Jensen watch and Thomas Sabo earring.


posted on: Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ok, a little more text today than usual, but it is FW love!

SO, NYFW kicked off and besides the excitement about the outfits off the catwalk (still obsessing about beautiful Miss Zhang) , it is time to focus on what has been happening ON the catwalk.
Let's start with the show that everybody is always excited about: The genius Alexander Wang.
I stayed up juts to wait for to upload the pictures and I will admit first 5 looks were a big downer for me: 1st we have seen it before, 2nd I was caught by a panic that we will be seeing 40 looks that feel indifferent.Luckily somewhere about look 6-7-8 something started to happen and it culminated in a show that has been on everyone's Insta that moment: the boys boxershorts thing and the amazing matching shirt, and... It was love, it was love, at first sight. I realized my heart rate has raised enormously and my palms were sweaty while I waited for rest of the looks to be uploaded.The 90's vibe, the branded laser-cut leather. It was one BANG look after another.
The lovely thing about the whole show was that it didn't feel gimmicky. There were street pieces, and than there were wardrobe staples. I want them all.

The second show that made my heart skip a beat was Altuzarra. Now, he usually designes for the hottest girls in town, but although I loved AW13, it felt a little constrained, while SS14 was much more loose, and much hotter. Hotness, I believe is a good summary for the whole show.And those mules!!Haven't I told you that the mules are going to be big next summer...? 

...When it comes to the newer designers I loved the swedish Rodebjer. I've seen some bits and pieces of their collection in the magazines, but SS14 really stood out for my part. It had the scandinavian cool that we love up here in the North, mixed with New York downtown chic. A major favorite next season, and I'll bet they will have much more to come with over the years...

So, what do you think so far?


posted on: Monday, September 9, 2013

Some time ago I was asked to style the coolest jewelry pieces by very talented designer Lara Bohinc, and incorporate them into my everyday style.I loved the idea of mixing very easy looks and outfits, and my low-key style with the mighty pieces from the 'Classics' collection. Although you will have to wait a little while for all the photos to come, here is a little B&W sneak peak, and what is probably the first time in ages anyone has seen me use earrings ;)
Stay tuned for the photos here!

I am wearing my all time favorite leather jacket 8 by BLK DNM- finally available again here(get it before it's gone ;), old mens shirt by Hugo Boss and Designers Remix jeans.


posted on: Sunday, September 8, 2013

Some days ago I decided it was time for a little wardrobe clear-out, and suddenly dug up two old favourites that I haven't been using for a little while. I am talking about the Wang heels (speaking of A.Wang his collection recently presented at NYFW was fantastic) and this Acne leather piece. I know I have bee wearing a lot of skirt#sweater combos, but I find it difficult to part with summer and this does make a good transition outfit. Anyways I have had a proper working weekend, and used the spare time to stare at the NYFW updates, Instas and everything that falls in FW.junkie category.
(I do hope you didn't miss the supercute picture of baby Harper at VB show, seated next to Anna Wintour, and the amazing skirts at Altuzarra...)

I am wearing Alexander Wang Nicola heels, Acne Starlet skirt, Fillipa K sweater, Saint Laurent purse and Maria Black rings


posted on: Saturday, September 7, 2013

In courtesy of Tommy Ton for

Fashion month has already kicked off and I have to say that I love the laid back vibe that has been spotted on the streets of NewYork. I might even sport my sneaks in London instead of heels, if this continues on. But seriously this look is well, right down my lane, no suprise there, as I am badly hooked on distressed jeans. I can't wait to show you my version of perfectly distressed  jeans by Ralp Lauren D&S when they arrive i couple of weeks time.

When it comes to the shows, a couple of surprises so far, but I will wait couple of days before choosing the favs for the season.

Happy weekend!


Tighhighs are back in picture and although I have a Stella Mccartney pair from few seasons back, I am dying to get these. They would be awesome paired with a chunky sweater or even over jeans if it gets that cold this time around.


posted on: Friday, September 6, 2013

SO, I am back from Stockholm and Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply event,and in  10 days or so I can show you the results,which is veeeery exciting. But for now I am back blogging as usual.
I often say that I use a lot of boys clothes, and this time is no exception as I borrowed this amazing Dior sweater from my love.I loved the outfit so much that I wore it with couple of times, altering between the heels and sneaks just for the comforts sake.
On the other hand next weekend I am off to LFW and I will admit that my mind is veeery preoccupied with 'what to wear'- dilemma (or actually just panicly  starring at my closet thinking I don't have anything to wear), and most of my time goes on dragging things out of the closet and than putting them back....

I am wearing Christian Dior sweater, Acne ripped denim skirt, Saint Laurent bag, Louboutin heels, Thomas Sabo and Maria Black jewelry and Converse.


posted on: Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thank you My-wardrobe for featuring me on the front page!
My dear readers,you can find that fantastic ACNE blazer right here.
In the meanwhile I will be packing for Stockholm for a two day trip, stay tuned :)


posted on: Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Video courtesy of Vogue Paris and

I admit in my eyes Hedi Slimane can't do wrong.The latest edition to my favorite Hedi for SLP- moments is his first video for the fashion house promoting the Dance ballet flat.It is your everyday ballerina flat, but the curves are cleaner and the design edgier,which in my mind makes it a classic with high-impact and a sultry rawness as only Hedi Slimane can do.


posted on: Monday, September 2, 2013

After my Instagram (ila030), Facebook, Twitter and every other social media went all (good)crazy after just posting a sneak peak of the Bugsy coat I felt I have raised the expectation bar veeeery high.
Anyways, the Bergen weather has once again tricked us all and the temperature dropped to the ridiculous 10-something degrees. And although this is probably a temporary thing- matching coats and sandals, proved to be a good trick to make the summer last longer. At least in my head.
On the other hand who can be sorry for the summer gone when this beautiful thing is hanging in my closet?
The color is even more fantastic than on photos and the oversized cut gives a perfect balance to the bubblegum pink wool.
 For all of you in doubt about the pink coat being to girly and cute, I can promise you this one is going to throw you off your feet.Get it before it's gone ;)
I can only applaud to it.

Busgy coat from by Malene Birger, vintage denim shirt (simular here or here) Designers Remix sweater (similar here), Burberry skirt (veerrry old one), TheManual&Co purse, Celine Paris Leopard mules, and watch from Georg Jensen.

Happy Monday peeps 


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