posted on: Friday, November 30, 2012

I told you so, haven't I?? Or at least to those who follow me on Twitter.Anyways, well deserved and I a excited as a little child to see the first collection. ¨


posted on: Thursday, November 29, 2012

 Today's! I'll try to post the pics of the whole outfit today but, no promises as I have really so much to do and am drop dead tired. BUT I want to thank you all for all the lovely comments lately (t really warms my heart!)and I'll try to respond to them during today.
More details abou the outfit are coming...
Anyways what have you been doing/wearing today, something to suit the icy weather that is creeping in, or is it still lovely and mild at your place??




posted on: Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elin, Hanneli and Miroslava Duma in what has to be the most inspiring ad the whole season.
I love that fashion is taking a step away from all the seriousness and is drifting into 'big dose of fun, candy clouds and blue skies' direction.

The other clip is from upcoming Vogue documentary that I al looking forward like crazy to!I mean I watched The September issue over ten times (for educational purpose, but still...)


posted on: Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Isn't it obvious why I called the post BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL as this coat is exactly all that.
NO question asked. I bought it last year at H&M and is my must have for the winter (and all the winters to come until it literary falls apart from the extensive wear and misuse).
I am completely down the aran knit in the winter lane (and these most often come in beige), but it was perfect matching the mighty red with the beigy sweater.
And the prefect sweater goes perfectly with a pair of skinthight jeans.
A pair of pilgrim heels makes the whole thing more quirky and right down the Christmas inspo lane.

H&M Trend read coat, vintage aran knit sweater, JBrand jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs heels, Manual bag and Illesteva sunnies.


posted on: Monday, November 26, 2012

On it's way and soon in my mail is non other than a book about Grace Coddington. l I have been quite taken by her, or rather her creativity and way to express herself, so a little window into her world and way of thinking was highly coveted at our address.
can't wait to lay my hands on it!


posted on: Sunday, November 25, 2012

Now, have you ever experienced that you just buy something expensive and most wanted(in my case a pair of Givenchy heels) , and you think that it can't be better than THIS, just so that in couple of days something EVEN better pops up?? !
I call that Murphy's low of shopping  and although it's not happening often, this royal pain in the b**t occurs from time to time.
This time the revelation came in the looks of the coolest heels from Proenza Schouler on sale on Bergdorf Goodman and in my size!
LUCKILY(I don't know about that now) they still do not offer international shipping so I have avoided the 'to buy' or 'not to buy' dilemma....
My bank and my fiance are quite satisfied with this.
I, on the other side, am not.


posted on: Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday and naturally black outfit. Now I have arrived home in Kristiansand and will use it for hard needed rest. So, not so much on the agenda than a good rest and loads of home made pastries.
I am still taken by the Christmas spirit I experienced in Oslo, so I will be making wishlists during the weekend.
How will you spend yours??

I am weraing 3.1. Philip Lim Interasia sweater, Diesel jeans, Manual purse, Isabel Marant heels

P.S Happy Thanksgiving to all who may celebrate it!


As promised some of the favorites from the event and pressday!

1.BikBok SS13 varsity jacket - as one of the designers behind BikBok said: we strongly bealive in acidwashed denim 2.Sara Strand wearing BikBokxCOSTUME blouse and clutch 3. Goodiebags + pieces from the collection 4. Pretty pic of a pretty perfume bottle- Roberto Cavalli 4.Beautiful, beautiful dress in very delicate ivory lace BikBokxCOSTUME 6. Fringed jacket in soft powdery blue by BikBOKxCOSTUME

And now I am off to Kristiansand



posted on: Thursday, November 22, 2012

Here is what I wore yesterday for the launch and preshopping of the BikBokxCOSTUME collection.
IT was a blast!Great ppl, good music and the collection is going to be a huge success when it's fully launched, and it's spot on for the Holiday season coming  Delicate garments in quality materials and great tailoring is going through the whole collection, but everything is very versatile and wearable.
Really spot on!

P.S Thank you all the lovely ppl for great time yesterday!And thanks to Sara Strand for snapping me at the event!

P.S.P.S Today has been the pressday with ThisisPR and BikBok (I Instagramed all the fav's, but I will also post some of them here) and managed to visit Patrickson Showroom with all the great Scandinavian brands as by Malene Birger, Dagmar, 2nd Day, Fillipa K.
So stay tuned more photos coming!

I am wearing Alexander Wang Pre Fall 2012 dress and Acne boots.


posted on: Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It was either having me look like I am snowboarding or having the concrete bridge I am standing on be as biased as it is. So I went for normal stand and crooked floor. Now, when that has been cleared up I want to tell you a little bit about these boots.
So ,so pleasing on the eye but with the heel and incline that even I can't walk properly in them.However from now and than I like to take them out put them on and get myself reminded why it was sooo long since the last time I used them. Anyways from time to time suffering for love of shoes is worth it.

P.S I am on my way to Oslo tonight (right of from work) for the COSTUME+BikBok launch party and later on pressday! My cam lens is broken so no proper pics from the event, but everything will be Instagramed, including my outfit, so don't forget to follow.:)
Boots by Alexander Wang


posted on: Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Photo courtesy of Stockholm StreetStyle

OK, perfect morning: My Facebook says:Sara has left a link on your wall- and the link was me featured on Stockholm street style, again! Lovely right?! 
Thank you lovely Sara for tipping me off and thank you SSS for the feature! Looking forward to seeing you again next time around!


So, my Tuesday inspiration comes in the form of the nostalgic black & white photos styled in all-french uniform: jeans, white T and a leather jacket. And Daria's hair...!
Thank God that inspiration still come in such simple packages, wrapped around the dose of nostalgia.
I am still hoarding leather jackets in search for the 'perfect' one (it's like searching for the holy grail)
But when it comes to perfect whte Ts they come in a form of ACNE men's department as do the jeans...
The shoes? Your choice!

Photo courtesy of Vogue Paris November 2012


posted on: Monday, November 19, 2012

Thank you Fabsugar for featuring me!


Photo courtesy of Proenza Schouler

I know you are not supposed to wish things made in real fur, but I really can't resist these two...I have some serios craving for the two ponyskin clutches by Proenza Schouler.
Don't blame me, blame them for making them so desirable!
And when I come to think of it pony is actually one of my favourite animals, I don't know why, they are just so cute!


posted on: Sunday, November 18, 2012

Winter is right on our doorstep and I am getting more and more into Chrsitmas mood. Oh, yes and notce that I am smiling (or rather try to..)on photos.  So, another beige sweater and black leather combo (I did warn you, though). I am a big fan of dropped waist so with oversized sweater and pleated skirt this turned out perfect. I really love how little skirtrem peaks out underneath the sweater.
I am still super statisfied with my boots from ACNE and the boyfriend coat is perfect when throwed over shoulders. 

I am wearing Aran knit vintage sweater(Givenchy skirt/ACNE boots/Marc Jacobs purse and Illesteva sunnies.


posted on: Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ok, this is just adorble! And than it got weird when Minni and others turned 6ft tall and slightly catatonic, but it's still adorable.


Photos via Google

I discovered Dumas's brilliant black and white photography through this miracle called internet.
What dragged me to his works is an intricate  mix of fashion and personality that lurks behind all his work. It 's not just a black and white photo capturing a face, it's rather a camera capturing the persons essence and in the world where everything is instant and in bypass,
 his work seems highly relevant and evergreen.


posted on: Friday, November 16, 2012

Big thank to JUST ANOTHER FASHION MAGAZINE for the lovely future and kind words! 
You can see the whole magazine HERE!


posted on: Thursday, November 15, 2012

Photocourtesy of FashionGoneRogue

Somehow everything she wears on- and off duty looks just perfect. 
And this suit ha been on my mind for couple of days.
Does anybody knows whom it is from?


posted on: Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am still abusing my HOPE sweater. I really love how the waffle knit texture of a sweater goes together with the quilted leather skirt.With the oversized scarf it is kind of a my go- to fall outfit as long as it doesn't rain.Actually when i think of it, I have been wearing a lot of oversized sweaters lately, and usually they are beige, yet I think,nothing says 'perfect-autumn-day' as the oversized sweater does (or what is Christmas eve without an ugly Christmas sweater)
Yeah, and any 'hot beverage' when I am downtown is highly required, in this instance it was coffee(but it can also bee orange and chilly toddy, or just tee). 

I am wearing Hope Grand swetare,Zara skirt and boots, H&M scarf and Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies.


posted on: Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1.Street art in Bergen on by Malene Birger Bergen event 3. Favourite photo from The Sartorialsit-Closer 4. Showing off my cooking skills at Ch's birthday 5.Power blue outfit 6. Details, details-bag is from by Malene Birger

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posted on: Monday, November 12, 2012

As promised the pictures of my new Preonza Schouler dress/coat (it can be worn as both, althogh I prefer it as a dress). I really, really can't wait to wear it, although I should probably steam it first...

Dress by Proenza Schouler !


Photo courtesy of JAK&JIL

OK, You all know how much I love Proenza Schouler, to be quite frank it's more on the border of obsession than just a platonic love for a brand. Somehow they really know how to capture the essence of young urban warrior who is keeping it pretty darn cool.But all that aside the execution of the garments, the new-thinking when it comes to fabrics and the amount craftsmanship put in every piece is mindblowing. Imagine my joy when I have seen these photos on JAK&JIL.
I'll admit  I have been staring at them for hours.
AND I can't wait to show you the dress/coat from the very same collection that is now officially mine!

Stay tuned!


posted on: Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sweaterdress - an ultimate winter piece for the girls up in North, an answer to the city girl's question 'What to wear on Saturday?' and can also be worn during the days when staying at the cabin with family or friends. No one can convince me that a good sweater dress(or two-three of them) isn't the most versatile garment in your winter wardrobe. The sweater dress is reserved  to the days when I don't know what to wear or just am in the mood for keeping it simple or am traveling.
This time I extended it's use to the 'cabin in the woods' scenario (thus the tractor).
I paired it with a shirt dress and man's leather jacket, and accentuated the layering with ankle boots with insane high heels.
  Kind of a urban's girl take on what to wear during holidays, staying cool and warm.

I am wearing Isabel Marant sweaterdress/Alexander Wang shirtdress and boots.
The tractor behind me is unknown brand.


posted on: Saturday, November 10, 2012

Last few H&M Trend collections have been quite cool, but SS13 kicks a**, pardon my language.
It's very Mccartney meets Marant on the basketball field- or of it to go and grab a coffe, or just go clubbing.
I think thatthe patchworks jackets and crimson red slacks are already highly coveted item amongst the bloggers. On the otherside I am already having bad cravings for the blouse underneath. Paired with faded black denim (baggy or skinny you choose) and heels for the perfect off duty chic.
No fuss.

Photocourtesey H&M


posted on: Friday, November 9, 2012

OK, my bo has bday today! So, nice occasions require nice clothing and I thought this is one only appropriate. I paired power blue with  a burgundy shirt here, partly because I love blue/burgundy color combo, and I though it would look slightly obvious with the white shirt with all the blue.
Thighhighs are kind of my 'second pants' now when it is colder outside, my fall essential.
Ps. I have added 'Nominate' button for the Vixen blog awards on the right sidebar, so it would be nice if you can.

Have a great Friday loves!

I am wearing Stella Mccartney skirt and thigh high boot/ Acne shirt/knit made by grandma some years ago/Tosca Blu purse/Ray Ban sunnies

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