posted on: Monday, July 9, 2012

Yepp, yepp I am late on posting, but in my defence I was sooooo tired from Saturday that I had a couple of days to recover.
Now the biggest event here in Sicily is that Dolce & Gabbana are holding their first couture show, but no press is allowed. I am really looking forward to see whar kind of sexy extravagnca they are put on.
In a little tribute to them and their summer collection- my latest combo, which turned into obsession, is mix of flamboyant red and skyblue. I mean this colors really work togheter!
My hair has been braided up almost the whole time here (if you remember me talking about the heat wave) as it really is hot in here.
P.S notice that I have actually bought a fan...
Tomorow is ourlast day, but I don't think we'll be doing anything crazy, maybe some shopping etc...

I am wearing Isabel Marant red dress, Tosca Blu blue purse and Burberry heels.



  1. omg Irina, this trip make you look even more beautiful!! wear more sexy dresses,you rock them!

    1. Thanks love! Althouh I am not so sure how would these dresses work in Bergen..But I'll defintely try!

  2. Cool dress!
    Have a nice monday!

  3. The color combo is amazing especially as the bag is so present in this pic. Love how you wear this Isabel Marant dress with your hair put up and htose pretty amazing heels. You look so sexy and beautiful!

    1. Thank you!I do have to say that it is my fav colocombo of the month-red and blue, it really works unexepctedly well!


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