posted on: Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our first night in Sicily is just perfect (and that is coming from very critical person)! I mean that energy, the people, I have really been blown away. We have had a strol down Coso Umberto before we ended up dining at 'La Giara'.
I have to say that they were the most perfect hosts, finding a good balance between beeing pleasent, friendly and profesional.We have been invited to the party on Saturday with a suprsie guests comming, but I can't reveal who,yet.
Geeez, I am excited as a little child.
Oh, well...

I am wearing a dress by Isabel Marant and Burberry heels


  1. Ååååh, you look FAB!!!!! See you when we´re all back from our holiday trips. Kisses

  2. Wow you look fantastic! Great dress and shoes!


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