posted on: Monday, January 6, 2014

I have been wanting to update my beauty shelf for a time now and by recommendation decide to try the norwegian brand Elixir Cosmeceuticals. Now, I know the name sounds slightly nerdy, but actually that's what their motto is - no hocus-pocus, just science.  And I have heard from people that have tried them that the girls behind the brand don't promise what they can't keep.
As you probably are I was so sceptical at first, I mean it really did sound to good to actually work that way.
But some months ago I decided to give it a shot as I have been breaking out like crazy and nothing would seem to calm it down(hello hormones??). Now I was warned that my breakout will become worse before it gets better (and they really weren't exaggerating ), as the products were supposed to clean your skin from the inside. 

I will admit that the first months were a struggle, my skin breaking out like I was 13 again,
but now (aprox 4 months after I started the treatment), everything is almost gone and I will admit that my tired,  stressed skin is glowing and is baby soft.
I still have a couple of zits here and there, but I feel they will also disappear very, very soon. That being said I wasn't only using acne-realted products, the AlphaBeta cleanser was supposed to clean and tighten the pores and remove dead cells (hello younger skin!) and Niactil cream reduces redness and fine lines.
I can actually vouch that those products deliver everything they promise, as long one can hold out the initial break out (and it can last for up to 2 months), but I can promise you it is completely worth it.
I will post no make up photo as soon as those last red dots have disappeared. ;)

For extra polishing I like to use  Le Weekend de Chanel just below the eye area and on my forehead and when the skin needs a little extra glow I use the Apricot scrub by Yves Rocher.

Cleanser: AlphaBeta Cleanser by Elixir
Tone: Acne pads by Elixir
Cream: Niactil 4% and Acticlear ( you can use different cream together :))
Polish: Le Weekend de Chanel

Btw the Elixir products can be also found here , but for those who don't live in Norway I really hope that they will expand soon.


  1. lovely inspiring beauty post :) thank you

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