posted on: Sunday, October 20, 2013

The one day of the week I deny to think about all of the things that have to be done, usually reserved for long breakfasts and reading, a long aimless stroll after workout just to maybe stumble upon a interesting discussion or clear the head and re-focus. First, I still haven't digested all of the fashion week impressions, but have non-the-less become few tricks wiser:
1. ALWAYS have a small good quality camera with you, the choice this time fell upon Leica with the coolest retro design, and beyond quality for something that fits in all of my purses and clutches. Also I am a keen everything-and-everywhere photographer, so visual diaries of good quality are a must.

2. The second thing is use underground to make it to the various appointments and shows, being stuck in the traffic is a generally not accepted excuse although it is a legitimate one

3. A pair of good sneakers is a must if you want to be able to walk a)from and to the stations 
b) just to actually be able to walk out of your hotel after coming home from shows.
Which brings me to the my newest obsession: the Adidas sneakers with BOOST sole.
Now, this is the closest thing you get to walking on clouds.
My always tired feet and tendonitis( I run a lot before, started recently again) were like swept away after trying on these. I wore them for a whole weekend when I was in Oslo, and loved them so much that I actually ended up with a second pair with the same sole, for the workout purpose.The green ones from Stella McCartney for Adidas and the purple ones with the same boost system.
 Pure revelation. 

Oh, yeah and the Saturday spent on some light-weight fashion reading and eternal search for inspiration found in Yohji Yammamoto and Karl's wit.


  1. how that Karl book? I have it on my wishlist but haven't picked it up yet... is it definitely worth it? ;) hope you had a great sunday! xx, Alma

    1. It's soooo funny! I have read it within a day!a good dose of knife sharp wit! Ps thank u for the heartwarming comment the other day!:) Say hi when u c me in Paris next time:)

  2. I have such a love for the electric blue ones above.

  3. I've been reading The World According To Karl book today as well! :)
    The printed sneakers look devine, by the way.


  4. wonderful sneakers!



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