posted on: Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We all know that being emotionally unstable and shopping usually aren't the best combo in the world as it usually ends up in buying things you never-ever use,but this time I don't regret going crazy in the beauty department at all. As I am quite pale and will preferably stay that way (watch your skin ladies!wrinkles aren't nice at any age) I need just a little stroke of bronzing powder. I wasn't sure what to get as all of the compact versions felt so heavy  and way to creamy (which would be ok if I didn't use the foundation in color 'Porcelain') so I gave the bronzing brush a go. No regrets there, as it really gives light contouring and softly sun kissed look in 1-2-3
Gel-top coat from Guerlain a fantastic little thing, the best I have ever used and I also decide to give the chubby sticks a go. Now, I am so addicted that I got it in three different shade.
New on the olfactory departments is Le Labo. Fleur D'Orange, but I have so quickly become a fan of their scents that I also consider getting another called Santal. 

Terracota Bronzing Brush  and Gel TopCoat - both from Guerlain, Clinique ChubbySticks in: Super Strawberry, Mighty Mimosa and Two Tone Tomato.


  1. mmmm looks good !!! great tips :)i desperately need THE perfect mascara

  2. I swear to Dior mascaras,no questions asked ;-)Either Blackout or just their plain waterproof one;-)

  3. Great shot - I love playing w/ new products! <3

  4. I totally need to try on the Fleur d'orange ! Love when you share your little finds


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