posted on: Tuesday, May 21, 2013

And painting my nails simultaneously  So, although summer is just getting started the harsh reality is that the prefall is already hitting the stores. Which means it's time to buckle up and forget about the sun because while you are stretching your legs on the beach somebody is going to snap your fav pieces. Or at least that is my experience (I can't even begin to tell you how much stress it has caused me to get hold of Celine spring 2013 sandals- in May-  which is still spring, but everyone got sold out somewhere in March...However it seems that it will be sorted out thanks to Selfridges CS).
So, I have begun with sort of a ritual: when these two hit the shelves  I get both, look through collections, write down thoughts and comments and circle my favourite pieces (this part of the process can involve stretching on the beach). Then I read editors notes, and try to incorporate all this in, well my own style.So, what I like about this method is that it gives you some time to digest the collections and impressions, so that you don't end up buying the cool eyectaching pieces which end up in the closet catching only dust (once again, from experience)...And woop! some light reading and you are prepared for whatever comes up during the season, python boots, stripes, plaid, without actually stressing about it.


  1. aaaah what a great method! I kind of do this now, but backwards. If there is an "it" piece circulating the blogosphere, I look at where it FIRST came from! but it hasnt been a good method. Keeping up to date before it has a chance to get blown out on the web is a great way to decide what you LIKE instead of being brainwashed by what you've seen 10000 times.

  2. ohhh me too!! can´t wait! xo, Alma

  3. Handy tips!

    Although I'm that kind of person that only wants to think about fall when it's October or something :p

  4. I wish I had your instincts! I openly admit that I have practically no opinions of my own and only know what to buy and wear based on peer validation! Thanks so much for sharing this! You have totally inspired me :D


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