posted on: Thursday, April 25, 2013

When a friend said to me two days ago that I was on Vogue: The editors eye I started trembling, and went all pale. Even  funnier was to coincidence of broadcasting the documentary some days after on a completely other channel, and me deciding to stay late and watch it.It may sound manuscripted to say that I forgot that maybe there is a photo of me in the documentary, but serioulsy I was carried away in all the flamboyant personalities and the creativity produced.
Anyways, there it was, amidst of the street style photos- I popped out,whilst Anna Wintour herself is talking about young women on the street being designer inspiration and that broadcasted not only on the national TV in Norway, but everywhere in the world.  I won't do all the OMG thing , but I think that this IS THE proudest moment of my life.Me shot by Phil Oh during LFW on The Editors Eye.
Thank you wonderful Marie Nord for tipping me off-the drinks are on me when in Oslo#


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