posted on: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So, this is pretty much what is my fridge!
My annually post-Holiday detox has started some time ago and will be in full swing until the end of FW. It's not a diet, but my body seriously needs a cleanse. However, the problem is my darling who lives with me is a  gourmand, and even my finest Caesar salad looks like a dogfood compered to his homemade fresh burger and fries. I mean it  kind of got  demotivating.
  Which at the end got me thinking: is  my annual cleanse is  just a joke as I am constantly lusting for a good Club Sandwich, or basil and tomato muffins?Or is it a healthy way of eating that instead of cleanse should be more an all- year menu?
What do you my dear readers, should we detox or are we just fooling ourselves?


  1. I want to say fooling yourself, because I'm trying to figure out what a detox can really do for your body.

    If you eat good food, as raw or as natural as you can get it, with minimal processing (no boxes, no canned stuff, no junk or fast food), then I don't see what you can 'cleanse'.

  2. probably a detox is a good thing but i would definately not do it by my one.
    i would have a proffesional asked for it!
    but if you are certain that you can do that, then DO!
    last yet not leat i would go with an all-year menu. eating heaalthy and properly is a way of life!

    Bisous from STYLE FEST

  3. In what consists your detox diet? :)
    I'm trying to lose the extra holidays pounds myself but somehow the cold weather and the constant anger and anxiety doesn't do the trick.
    every year is the same, i guess this won't be different, until March i try but it's only afterwords i can really lose pounds and gain muscle and lightness of body and mind :)
    I detox diet seems good to me, as long as your happy with it and with the results, we eat a lot of crap all year long, our bodies weren't made for that much sugar or processed food. Organic, low in salt and in saturated fat food is my kind of diet.
    I love your blog and your style!!

    PS: by the way, you are beautiful and very elegant , you seem perfect that way

  4. After the holidays, I like to do a juice detox - just 3 days. This usually gets the metabolism going so that if I eat healthy, post juice cleanse, I still continue to lose weight. I also tend to do these juice cleanses just before events where I want to look my best. I originally tried the Blueprint Juice Cleanse (middle level detox), but as it was SO expensive, I realized all the ingredients are - you guessed it- veggies and fruits put through a juicer. It cost $200 for a three day cleanse (I lost 10 lbs in those 3 days). I bought a juicer for $200 and do a juice detox at least once a month now with pretty much their ingredients (so much cheaper!) I see lots of benefits: Clearer skin and eyes, less allergies, feel so much lighter and healthier. I do have my days when faced with unhealthy things (ex. birthday cake, etc) so doing a juice cleanse once a month helps me to feel less guilty when I do indulge. Hang in there, and good luck on your cleanse!

  5. Detox is sooo good for you! But it wont help if you detox for a few weeks and then stop eating healthy, eat healthy all the time and detox one-two times a year to give your body a fresh start. But that dosen´t mean you can not eat homemade burgers with fries ones in a while ;) I stopped eating so much meat 6 months ago, I still eat it but maybye 2 a month instead of everyday and I haven´t feelt healthier ever! Eat what ever you fell like but try to get as much veggies and good fats in there as you can.


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