posted on: Monday, October 29, 2012

Thank God I have Monday's off.Before I start to pack for Kristiansand I have a morning  ritual of a man: breakfast, coffee and papers. I love a good fashion magazine that you can actually read, opposed to just starring at pictures (which is also nice, but we all need a change from time to time?) so ACNE PAPER and THE GENTLEWOMAN are definitely down this lane. 
Fabulouse interview with Fran Lebowitz in AP and I loved the spread about Leila McAlister (a serisouly good inside info on where to eat in London).

Have a happy Monday everyone!


  1. Hi Irina, first of all I want to say that you have an amazing blog and your style is beyond rad! I have come across some of your outfits on tumblr and random style websites and I kept wondering who is this girl with impeccable style. Now I know that it is you! I came across your blog through Lookbook. I can tell you that I will be visiting your blog frequently from now on :) I think you are one of the bloggers that are to be watched. Good job! And wish you all the best :) If you'd like, you can visit my tumblr :

    1. Thank you for the very kind words! It's always nice to hear a compliment.
      Have a great day!

  2. haha nice morning routine! have a nice day too! ;) xo, Alma

  3. Sunday on Monday, I would die for that! Luckily for me I had one today too... ;)


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