posted on: Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Looking manicly though the SD cards for something that I din't post I found these long forgotten images of Ch.
Now I do love a man with a paisly scarf, with a suit or without one (whoop, whoop now I am getting cheeky )!It instaly adds to that cool, relaxed 'I am am cool an I know it' look, ut still keeping it polished. (if you think  this sounds complicated you should see me explaing how to print on print...)
Anyways, cool contrast of colors and a sober palett is actualy really in- transition- at- the- moment-  palette.
Missing my darling!

Ch is wearing Tiger of Sweden raincoat (taht I usually borrow), Benetton sweater, Ralph Lauren pants and Prada loafers.


  1. your man is so coool! and I love that he will let you post his look here - mine never would :(

    ♥ ThankFifi


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