posted on: Saturday, August 18, 2012

My outfit from couple of days ago. I have  litteratury been abuzing this silver Fillpa K skirt  since I got it a month ago or so and this time it's paired with striped Cubus shirt and Blenciaga heels.What amazes me with this piece is how much I have been wearing it lately and fabulously versatile it is, it goes with everyhting from pastels to black tights and chunky knits. 
Really a perfect piece in my wardrobe!
I am wearing Fillipa K silver skirt, Balenciaga heels, Cubus top, Chanel sunnies and Tosca Blu purse.


  1. That skirt really is a dream! And of course you pretty much pull everything off!

  2. Hey Irina! I found you on Lookbook, and I love your blog and your style. I need some help because I'm headed to Bergen on Wednesday to visit my boyfriend and his family. I'm from Houston, Texas so summer here is nothing like it is in Norway. I've been to Bergen in the winter, but I really I have no idea what to pack for a Summer/Fall trip. Does it get cold enough for a bomber type jacket? Thick sweaters? Tights? My style is very minimal and structured. I'd appreciate any advice you can offer!

    Tusen takk!

    1. Hi!
      Biiig thanks fo the great feedback.
      Ok, the weather here?Well, I have to say that my honest wnswer is very changable.
      Especially in the end fo August/start of September. It can be warm uo to 20 degree's -then you usalluy need a tee, skirt, shorts, jaens and sandals and a jacket for the evenings. However the temperature can dropp with 5-10 dregrees and rain a lot, so jeans, boots and a windbreaker paired with a cozy sweater usually do the trick.
      Check for the updates, they are usually the ones I trust.

    2. Sorry I'm just getting around to thanking you! I appreciate the thorough list of stuff and it really helped! I really loved my trip to Bergen and can't wait to go back in October.

  3. lovely purse & great overall outfit!


  4. really love it - and the shoes are incredible too

    ♥ ThankFifi

  5. great outfit! such a cute bag and great top! xx

  6. those Balanciaga heels are perfect!


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