posted on: Friday, March 7, 2014

Another thing that happened is that I popped by Paris and stayed with friends for 2 days.
I couldn't miss Sacai. I wouldn't miss Sacai.
All the suffering caused by generally having pneumonia and being on a plane proved instantaneously worthy all it's toll when the first look  made it's way slowly down the runway. Upon the look number 2, I was already in ecstasy thinking 'This must be one of the best shows of the season' , when the 3rd and 4th look - and the rest of Sacai splendor- made it's way down the runway I proved to be right.
Despite the fact that were numerous shows and pretty big names to go still, Sacai delivered fantastic caveman-outerwear-galore, and even satisfied my cravings for good Aran-knits.
The slightly blunt, awed faces of the audience at the small venue on 1 place du Trocadéro proved they agreed.
It was this strange feeling of wonder, audience's mesmerized stare following closely details not reserved only for the front of the garment, but also equally complicated and mesmerizing party happening in the back, that contributed the quiet excitement filling the venue.
Chitose Abe sent many strong thoughts  down the runway, the sharp pleats in both cotton and silk, the ethnic vibe, the oversized outerwear, patchwork here and there,strong knitwear and even liberate use of color. However, instead of competing for the viewers attention, the various ideas blended naturally  fulfilling each other  in some strange sense, offering the Sacai women a wide range of outfits and moods to choose for.
Not to mention that those fur/puffer coat hybrids will be on every girl's mind for the winter to come and even next February (hello, cold NYFW), because honestly, you can't choose a chicer way to stay warm than this.


  1. what a brilliant collection !!

  2. I always enjoy Sacai, and you're so right that it's one of the few shows where the back of the looks is equally as important as the front.

  3. sounds like a fab show to have seen, you got some great shots too

  4. What a gorgeous collection! I love all these colours!
    Mafalda ❤

  5. i may have missed this (well, online)... gotta revisit it. it's awesome!

    agnes / iiiinspired

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