posted on: Monday, February 10, 2014

SO, many of you have asked about my beauty routines, and to be honest I there are two things I swear to: a good brow and a natural blush. These two are to must haves (hello there fashionweek) that can fresh up my tired face in an instant. 
1. I have become such a fan of the Chanel creme blush that I have it in 3 colors and adapting them to my seasonal skin tone.
I use the one called ´64 Inspiration´ as a background color during the winter as it really melts nicely with my skin tone into a natural blush and than 'dabb' a little stronger color right on the tip of the cheek itself.I recently got the the newest shade from their SS14 collection (Notes de Printemps) called '69 Intonation' and it looks really good with my pre-fashion week acquired tan.

2. I have been searching something to create a bold brow, yet still a natural and soft one and the girl in store recommended a glittery gel in a shade that is really much lighter than my own. I was really skeptical, but went for it, and I tell 'u' gals when it comes to the brows go 2 shades lighter as it creates much softer natural look.
MAC Brow set in Beguile


  1. i want to try that brow gel now!!

  2. Great advice about the lighter tone brows, I, am many others do, tend to go my own tone or darker & do notice it giving less of a natural finish, I will most certiannly be trying this out from now on, thanks


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