posted on: Monday, August 26, 2013

A lot outfits lately so I though you might like to see some new pieces from beauty, jewelry and tech department a little more up close. Let's start with the Ipad, now that little thing has been a blessing since living in Norway means waiting outrageously long for magazines to arrive (sometimes I wonder if Siberia gets them before us), so downloading the issues and the possibility of a proper screen shot changed my life. Literally.   
The same goes for the body balm by Rudolph care. I have very dry skin, especially the legs,that makes my before-bedtime ritual an obsessive overuse of moisturizer. I have tried everything that is out there,everything, but seriously nothing can't even come near to the body balm. Although it does take some time for skin to soak it in, it really leaves it so soft for very long time.
Furthermore a shirt I bought some days ago from FWSS, it has the amazing fit and feel of a good denim shirt, yet it is made in silk. High five to my girl Nina for the amazing garments!

And last, but not least Maria Black rings...As I said on Instagram I just need 20 more of them ;)


  1. nice shirt !!!

  2. coo post! nice blog!

    please do visit my blog and I'd love to hear feedbacks from you! XOXO! :)

  3. love Maria Black's jewelry! xo, Alma


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