posted on: Monday, July 8, 2013

Although I am still a big fan of Kerastase (a sworn fan of their Volumactive range), I have changed my styling products some months ago. Actually, my hairdresser wanted  to show me a new brand named L'anza she has been working with (I was sceptical  at first, I am so, so particular what I use in my hair) ans maybe I felt adventurous that day (can't really recall )- I said yes.
I will admit I am glad I did it as I can honestly say that I have never used so good hair products in my life.
.To make the long story short (er)I ended up buying the Healing Oil with Keratine (you need a drop or two for the whole hair)  and Zero Weight Gel (you mix a drop of it with the oil, that's the amount used in my hair) and voila, that's it. Now I can actually just blowdry my hair with a big round brush , and wake up the next morning with the same volume and bounciness as the day before. The hair isn't sticky from all the volume powder, it is instead soft and silky and flowy.
The roots are lifted and the ends are nourished, and the shine, oh don't get me started about that!
 I don't often recommend products but if you should happen to need some new tips on the hair front I would definitely go for the above mentioned.
(P.S If you should need  little extra root lift they also have the Root Mousse which is also dropp dead amazing!)

Hair Products from L'Anza


  1. Wow, these products sound great! I haven't heard of L'Anza before, but they are definitely a brand to look into! It seems that they are only available in the USA though which would be a pity. The volume powder sounds amazing!

    1. They are actually as amazing as they sound, or at least I am so statisfied with them ;)
      Anyways I have bought them in Norway, so I think they are available in Europe too.
      Here is the link I found:

      Good luck ;)

  2. Sound wonderful! Thanks for sharing :)


  3. Love your blog; yes, the L'anza products have been in the US since the late 1980's and they were awesome then- I will have to give the new ones a try!


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