posted on: Monday, April 8, 2013

The newest addition to my currently non existing jeans family is this pair of  -  oh so, hip raw denim pair from Saint Laurent.I buy jeans once in five-ten years, so when I commit to a pair it's ' till (their) death do us apart,for that sole reason of me hating to try them on. Seriously, I think that over the years I have developed a phobia for trying on jeans as I never seem to find a good pair for my slightly curvy hips. But I think that all the bells rang when I tried these one. I LOVE the wash, as it is so cool and simple, and with all these hipp denimprint things going on I found myself missing a simple blue pair with a pop of mustard seem. I found it almost impossible to find the simplest, slightly dark blue color.
It was like the blue jeans weren't so desirable for a while?
So, what do you say my hip readers, are the plain blue jeans back, and wishlisted?
P.S A tip if you are buying SL jeans- at first they are so tight, but they widen out in 15 min!

Jeans from Saint Laurent


  1. Nice jeans!

    And I must say I almost never wear my plain blue jeans anymore, such a shame!

  2. pretty nice! love the colour :)

  3. Det beste med så mørke jeans er at de blir som en følgesvenn gjennom tiden. Du gjør dine egne slitasjer og gjør de personlige, egne. Absolutt et must å ha i skapet! Jeg har visse jeans som har blitt som samleobjekt 8)

  4. I have trouble finding jeans too! but I do not have hips at all...I´m like a square!!! :/ So I understand when you find a good pair you just have to grab them right away! xo, Alma

  5. I also have trouble finding jeans that are a)long enough and b) don't give muffin top! It is kind of amazing to think there are so many denim brands out there, yet every woman seems to struggle. I am now trialing a pair of Frame jeans so we will see how they go...

  6. A good pair of jeans is essential! :)

  7. Love a good pair of jeans. I practically live in them, and may have too many. The Saint Laurent pair look rad - need a pair!

    Micah x

  8. Every part of my latest buying experience was awesome! When I opened the dress there was a matching shawl included! I don't remember reading about that being included so it was a fun surprise!


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