posted on: Sunday, March 10, 2013

Late, again, I know!
So, I have been spending my weekend with my love who has been away for 2 weeks now, and is off sailing with the Navy two weeks more. Thus my poor posting, but sometimes love comes first;).
I promise I am fully back on Monday with a lot of new pics.In the meantime, I hope you are following me on Insta (ila030) where I can promise I am much more active.Here us a little look into what has ben happening the last week !

Have a great weekend my dear readers!

1. My photo from PFW on Balmain Paris Instagram! 2. What a girl doesn't do for here macaroons??I was almost late for my flight standing in the line to get these cuties! 3. After PFW, still can't walk properly in heels 4. After party Barbara Bui at Titty Twister ;) 5. On my way to ACNE 6. Stella Maccartney aw13 


  1. looking forward for next post !! ♥

  2. I am exactly the same about macarons - today I tried lavender which I had never seen before and it was incredible :)

    p.s. Bon voyage to your boy.x


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