posted on: Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So, what I noticed this winter is that everybody is dressing down.Which I am mildy said  thankfull for, as I have to say that I wanted to challenge myself and try more colorful looks during PFW, but at the end I am sticking to the simple. Which is exactly what CN has been doing the last couple of seasons and I have to admit that the collection got me excited. It was simple, and the monochrome palette dominated, but the silhouette was kept well tailored and sharp. Was this the collection that made my heart stop? Not entirely, but there were pieces I am crazy about- like that long black satin trimmed cape , that when it came out made my heart skip a beat , and than there were so many fur trimmed garments that I am such a big fan of. All that contributed to the very strong collection that can easily find it's way to the women's wardrobe and stay there for quite any seasons- timeless I believe it's the word I am looking for.


  1. awesome the brand! xo, Alma

  2. Timeless indeed, nr. 2 looks amazing and so does the cape you're talking about!

    X Marjolein - Never Too

  3. WOW, that all black ensemble on the 3rd pic is so amazing!!!


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