posted on: Monday, January 21, 2013

Coolness in it's  purest form with 10 spoons of perfection. I love Daria and the way her UpperEast side curls work with slouchy Celine silhouette.
If there is one item I will invest in this summer it will be the top in the downrigh corner.
And did I tell you that those fluffy flats will be an instant hit when realised?


  1. Atually i really like the fluffy flats. Yes indeed! xx nice post. Visit me on:

  2. agree !!!

  3. i loved the whole entire outfit except the flats lol

  4. I also love the off-white trench in the top left picture! Such perfect styling! The top to the bottom right is definitely a great investment piece! <3 LOVE!!
    XO, Kat

  5. Daria and Celine are both equally amazing...I'm not quite sure which one is cooler than the other!
    Everything about Daria just screams laid-cool in the most awesome way. Her hair is fabulous, she's got cheekbones to kill for, and her attitude is so rad. I love the way she adds an interesting aura to every campaign that she appears in. Celine definitely did a great job in choosing her to model these pieces! All of the clean, crisp lines are stunning on Daria's frame and contrast nicely with those lovely fluffy curls.
    If I could, I would definitely scoop up all these pieces in a heartbeat. That bottom righthand picture has the coolest things and gives off the most relaxed yet elegant vibe ever!


  6. can Celine get any bloody better? seriously cool. and i'm loving Daria and the face!

  7. I can't handle the fluffy flats...there are better pieces to spend money on in my opinion! :)

  8. I love the simplicity of these ads, Phoebe has def. transformed the brand into the must brand of the century! I love love the drapyness, ease and perfection of these outfits...and Yes def. get that top, It would look gorgeous on u!



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