posted on: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Photocourtsey of Vogue Italia and Net-a-porter

The sweet old panda has taken a trip from the zoo, to the cinemas (who doesn't remember Kung fu version??) to the new it print of the season. It's cute, it's amusing and it's ultimate -look-at-me  print, especially when worn ' h to t' as a suit (whole suit HAS made it's comeback this year, just look at Au jour le jour).Although not what you would typicly imagine me in, the cut of that shirt and pants is sharp  enough to balance this ultra-cute panda print and azure blue color.
Anyways, if I could in any way justify lace sandals when it has juts started snowing I would be the first in the line for the outrages but so obsessive heels by Jimmy Choo+Rob Pruitt  at Net-a-porter.
My ultimate must have and the panda in the lining just might justify my to-get or not-to-get obsession....
Isn't it depressive to be looking forward to spring when, the first snow has just arrived...?


  1. very cute stuff!!! xo, Alma

  2. Love your blog!

    xxx Veronika

  3. Haha this made me smile, tt's VERY cute! And about the shoes... I'd say get them. ;)


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