posted on: Sunday, October 14, 2012

 Not so over- the- top happy with temperatures dropping so fast. However it gave me an excuse to dig out these old Stella Mccartney boots from some seasons ago, and with thigh highs making a little comeback this was a perfect choice.  So I am still going for summerish combos while I still can, as someone had mentioned SNOW?!  
Oh, well...Enough with the weather forecast.
So, I have to say that this Givenchy sweater was one of better investments we (note that it is we, not I as the sweater belongs actually to Ch) have made.
What impressed me the most is the cut and the shape of it, as it is so well made around the shoulders and the neck.
Perfect pairing with Mccartney frill skirt, as it really gives it the edge and a touch of boyish charm for a dark turn on the sporty silhouette.
  My new love, for all intentions and purpose.

I am wearing Givenchy sweaterStella Mccartney skirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs purse and Stella Mccartney thigh high boots


  1. I'm always fan of your thigh high boots ! Too high for me , so perfect on you , you are so pretty , cute and chic !!! ♥ ♥ ♥
    I add your blog on my Blogroll ! Love ♥

    1. I know you are! I wil be bausing them now that winter has arrived so fast.

  2. Amazing look! Love everything! :)

    Take care,

    Daniella x

  3. Thought you wear a leather pants but these are actually thigh high boots, awesome! I'm in love with that skirt and sweater, they look so pretty together as well.

    x Jony

    1. Yupp, a pair of thigh highs from some seasons ago.;)

  4. Amazing look !!!
    Love the sweater !!!

  5. IM totally in love with every piece Stella Mccartney makes,but this skirt and those boots..They are unbelievable!And I really LOVE how you styled them <3 you have that style,I really adore!Gorgeous <3

  6. I love love love that sweater if you ever want to get rid of it :)


    1. It's actually mu fiance's.But if he ever should consider that, I'll let you know.


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