posted on: Friday, September 7, 2012

Black and white just made sense in some semilogical way. But, seriously yesterday was a blast (until I lost my purse, cards,keys and sunnies but that's another story)So, so many cool ppl!
The day started with Richard Seymour talking about design, but above all future of design, which I founde very intriguing. It was very fun listening such a great man talk about such great thinhs in a very ordinary, apprehensive way.
Andreas Engesvik was as charmingly sharp as he usually is, when talking about developing ideas and creativity.And Stefan Sagmeister started off with nudity (as he said himself slightly amuzed by the fact : Nudity STILL works, 20 years after!) 
No seriously, it was such a creative and talented bunch who both attended and were the lectureres at RAFF FAGDAG( transl: themeday?!). 

Now I am off to policeoffice to see if somebody has found my purse.

Have a great day loves!


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