posted on: Tuesday, September 4, 2012

When I was asked to be the official blogger for RAFF, I wasn't the one to say no.
 However before I knew the word of it I faced a remarkable question:
 "How to contain and sumarize such an overwhelming amount of talent and hard work in a post or two?"
I never noticed how many photos I took ( before I was supposed to edit them) as when trying to capture something so unique I was bedazzeled with it.
At a beautiful location (with a very baroque/ reneissance feel) of "Holbar" the lecture about design, marketing and product developing took place.
The lecturers were guys from " Norwegian Rain " talking about brand developing and going from a sketch to a full buisenss.
It was definetely one of the best lectures I have ever attendend, as it was in a way very personal yet one could get much guidance in the little amount of time.
The same goes for lecture held by " Maritime Colours" which went step by step through the creating process from idea to the finished product.

Seriously a great, great event, absolutey worth visiting if you are in Bergen next time!


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