posted on: Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When talking about men's essential me and Ch are agreening on two things (and that's pertty much it!):
1. That we have yet to see the man that doesn't look good in one- buttoned dinner jacket with slim oval colar, and
2. That men look best in double breasted peacoats.
Now I let me explain the latter:The man is on his most handsome when the waist apears slim /smaller and the shoulders are widened . That's exactly what doublebreasted coats do - opticly that is.
When it comes to girls and peacoats- they give us a touch of tomboy charm!

 So, as I am a sucker for the peacoats I naturally fell in love with the photo of great looking Mr. Redford, looking mighty awsome in it!
 You can shop the story or just drool over the photos at Mr.Porter.


  1. i think it never got out of style did it? that photo is awsome!
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